Intro + Might've encountered Sallos?

HIya folks! I’m new here and wanted to pop in and say hello! I hit a super low point in my life and started asking various energies, etc. for help. I’ve always been super scientific, etc but at this point I opened my mind to anything. I’ve more than likely done the wrong thing, writing pacts, petitions, to Lucifer, Zepar, and others. BUT

I’m not sure if it means anything whether I manifested it in my own mind as I am not very spiritual or clairvoyant, but I did some research and made a sigil (poorly drawn) and wrote a petition to Sallos. I never remember my dreams, but I swear in parts of it last night we were talking. (Some of it I assume was a latter dream where it got silly.) I asked him for help regaining the love of my life and I’ve been on a strange high that has lasted all night and into this morning. It’s totally different as when I did that with Zepar, I felt the same. Melancholy, etc. I wish I could recall the whole dream, but I swear there were parts where I was in bed talking to him. Perhaps, I’m not sensitive and he wants to talk in my dreams? He required something with a V relating to victory or something. I’ll keep trying to talk with him as he hasn’t directly came or spoke to me. In the dream, he wanted to talk a lot and was quite kind and friendly. Before I went to bed, I did apologize for bothering him a few times and for my sucky art skills.


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