Intro + Lucifer the "cool dude"

Thank you for expanding upon your introduction. I have added “intro” to your title so this thread can stand as your introduction and you don’t have to do another.

Thank you sir!am greatful

I’m gonna say this. The physical items aren’t really required when trying to summon a entity. They simply help you get into the right mindset. The true power comes from you, not a bunch of candles and shit. But if you really want to go all out and use all the stuff you have, then do it.

As far as you making pacts goes, I wouldn’t do it. Judging by your introduction and just the way you seem, you sorta of seem new to all of this. Sure you read a bunch of books and all but that isn’t really enough. Unless you have your senses open, and a good steady relationship with Lucifer" I’d stray away from making a pact. You’ll thank me later.


I like your comment Fenris just like getting advice from rick from rick and Morty series.For me am not sure about my senses but feeling him is enough for me.
Yes true I want to develop a relationship with him since I need him for a long time .The pact is for removing small things that prevent my magical workings and working with spirits.I thought it to be cool to write the pact so as to avoid confusion when he arrives and I also believe nothing is given for free.You give to get,that’s the work or reason for a pact.
I also wanted to ask him visit me oftenly or for sometime to develop my bond with him.

I did not summon him yesterday since I wasn’t alone in the house(one of the challenge I mentioned in the pact)
But I plan it tomorrow day of the sun at sunrise hours.the preparation is still set.
I don’t have a technique to summon spirits silently so I have to be alone .

And yes ,sir Fenris I am a newbie .
I have never seen an Immortal God materialize before me.
May be in my dreams but not sure.

I am trying to open my astral sense using EA meditation “Soham Akaal”
How do see about that?

Okay well best of luck to you then

I have just finished the ritual now and am not sure if it was success .

I first did the banishing and purification of EA koetting.
Then the LBRP.which I felt the angels of the 4 quarters came.
I then opened his sigil(it flashed the lines appeared and disappeared as said) then said enn ,I wanted to say 13 times but I guess I lost count.Then indigo priestess incantation taught by Azazel then said the one taught by Lucifer .

But this is what was important about the ritual.
I am not sure if I was in imagination.
I fell "partially "into a deep trance then it was like a black void.
The other one is when I touched the sigil of Lucifer(which I drew with red marker) I saw it in my mind turn to golden yellow
I made a small prayer in my mind to Lucifer then I felt someone in black void (but did not see anything)
I felt someone was listening.
But here is the weird part ,I heard a male voice,like it was soft ,but am sure my mind can’t imagine a sound like that .
The voice said :“It shall be done”
Then after finishing I saw a golden yellow light flash on my left eye .

I feel that the ritual was not successful because when I was starting the ritual my sister came to house , her children woke up,other children playing outside and a neighbor who I suspected she was trying to listen when at first I started loud.
So the whole ritual I did in whisper.
I did EA blue ray meditation which helped me eliminate fear and the EA method of charging sigil with your desire after sigil is opened.

For the energy part I did not feel the intense energy of Lucifer(as people say) or from anything in the ritual .But I felt it slight energy .
The reason being may be sir Fenris you’re correct my astral senses are weak or poor concentration due to loud voices from children playing outside ,loud volumed TV,
But I feel something inside me telling me to repeat it again and again.

After I have finished the ritual I have not burnished the area since I believe its only Lucifer,and the angels of LBRP around and I want to see if I will have dreams of Lucifer.

I wish for views from you.