Intro + I've made contact with Dantalion and would appreciate some advice

My name is Lucas and I’m not exactly a seasoned occultist. I read a post on a forum about two years ago written by a person who had made an agreement with Dantalion and as part of their deal, the person was required to inform others of what Dantalion can offer. Immediately upon seeing the name Dantalion I felt a connection that I can’t really explain. The name stuck in my head and kept repeating, I had never experienced anything like it before and haven’t since. I contacted the author of the forum post and learned more about Dantalion and Goetia in general, but I felt very strongly that there was something drawing me to Dantalion specifically.
At the time I was in a struggling relationship and just started attending college as an adult in my early 30’s. While I fancied myself both romantic and intelligent, hindsight and experience begged to differ. Imagine my excitement upon learning that an ancient entity could potentially fix my problems! I immediately devoted all of my time to devouring any information I could find on Dantalion and Goetic demonology but the idea of actively performing a ritual with candles and offerings just seemed absurd and comical.
One night I laid down in bed, in silence and darkness - sick with the anxieties of my daily life -thinking about Dantalion and what I would ask for and offer to them. I had never actively meditated before, and I’ve read about the special state between waking and sleep, but I found myself outside of my body at the foot of a staircase, looking up at a tower floating in perfect darkness… Anyways, this is way more than an introduction, but long story short, I made accidental contact with Dantalion. So… howdy! Glad to be here and hope I can get some advice from people who have more knowledge about this than I do.


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There’s actually a post on here already that you might find helpful regarding Dantalion. I’ll tag you in it.

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That’s pretty common for people to feel close connection with him and got their mind full of obsessive thoughts about this spirit, or making a lot of research in as many sources as they can - It’s his “pragmatic” way to make you pay attention to him, and he acts very often through your subconscious, even if you aren’t fully aware of his presence.

It’s better to call him now, no matter how weird it may seem to you, because the gesture of your interference/will is more important for him, than the method itself. You can perceive this as an attempt to do something new and be curious of the effects - you don’t have to stand in the middle of the circle, wearing black robe, staff and candles like badass magician. Even easy ways can have a great results, because that’s your mind that is the greatest tool.

Also, remember to focus on your plan/idea/will because Dantalion has this kind of energy that can make you feel very obsessed with him. Just be patient and let yourself experience it all with calm and awareness of your own thoughts.


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Great start with your visions which are symbols to working towards success. Seeing stairs in your vision is symbolic to transition. The vision of stairs lead our mind to a different or higher world related to change and growth, sometimes financial and materialistic.

With you standing at the bottom of the stairs and looking up seeing a floating tower indicates that you may be thinking of taking up a new task which is going to lead you to success and growth.

You always strive for high standards of achievement and you won’t settle for anything less. The floating tower surrounded by darkness symbolises your wanting more than what you currently have and is a reminder of all the unknown problems that may arise and the hard work you need to put in before you benefit.

Consider where you are on the staircase- halfway and fifty percent of the task is done, at the bottom- you are only at the beginning.

If you have questions check out the sites search engine at the upper right and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You can find many answers with multiple threads and posts.