Intro + I feel that I summoned Lucifer.... Need help

So I did the Lucifer Meditation. Felt a crazy euphoria afterwards. Then last night I prayed he would come to me in my sleep. I woke up hallucinating unclear images like a white mist and faded out. Then I woke up and felt dissorriented smiling and feeling up this girl beside me but felt i didnt have control of myself for like 20 seconds… Long story short I’ve been praying to him for a while about a girl. I prayed to him about several things… that he would break down her guard. That he would make her fall into obsession and love with me. And that even one night when we fucked that he would help me make her have the best sex shes ever had… Long story short… She squirted multiple times. Soaked my car… She broke her guard down for a couple days and then put it back up and started pushing me away. Now she deleted me off her social media days ago… How do you know if he is helping you… I feel like he is but I haven’t seen any fruit of it in a couple days… Anyone have any suggestions or comments?

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Just be patient.


Welcome @CharlieP7. It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and your experience in magick.

How old are you?

What magick do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

If you are a beginner, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?


Im 30. I’ve been dabbling in magick for 3 months. I’ve been only praying and doing rituals to Lucifer. I tried King Paimon and The Great Duke Zepar a couple times… And my goal is to be successful in certain areas that matter to me in my life.

And ive done candle rituals and meditation… But i really am trying to get this women obssessed over me.

Thank you for elucidating more. I’ve edited your title so it reflects this is your introduction, so no one will ask you to do another.

What have you done for satan lately? You don’t get to enjoy the fruits of his labor for nothing, when she backed off did you feel an urge or request from him? Have you been spreading misery to others? Lucifer is a tease until you satisfy his urges he is relaying to you.

I appreciate it!

What should I do. Like fuck with people or I’m not sure?

He will let you know. Ask him what he wants instead of demanding him to fulfill your desires. He teased you with his power to get you the girl and gave the girl second thoughts too. He loves that shit it’s like getting a sports car with no gas, he is a joker like that. meditate on him and he will give you a desire and then you fulfill it.

yeah…that’s not something that’s going to happen “in a few days”. you’re changing someone’s will and it seems she is fighting it. Give him time to do what you asked.

There is no limit or ceiling you can have in this work, you can use it all to get this girl but find an area that works for you, there’re amazing magicians but they’re not taking control because they’re taking it way to seriously then it clouds there judgement. I’m not saying this work isn’t important because it seriously is dude… it seems you’re pretty upset about this situation, maybe you need to calm off of it for a bit then re-approach it. Once you’ve done a ritual, the ritual’s working, get it out of your head because you no longer have control over it… It’s just working…

I hope this advice is ok for you, sorry if it’s rubbish!

I thought maybe he wanted to sleep with the girl i was witb last night but i fought it because I’ve never felt like that and got scared. And yeah im being anxious and need to relax a little… Are candle rituals and meditation enough though. I’m still new to this.

Sounds like he wants you to be a heart breaker, when all you wanted was someone else’s heart. Sounds like Lucifer to me.

Damn…so whats the problem? Lucifer delivered greatly and blessed you (please forgive me Lucifer if I use offensive terms) but remember love magick isnt what it is, love cannot be forced, so Lucifer answered you, but also he will not take someones free will and keep it, especially if the person does something to show shes uncomfortable, if there is one being in the universe who understands free will the most besides God, it’s Lucifer.

iIn any case, ask him what happen, but i would bet you the answer is close to what I gave you.

Try asking him to help you find love instead.

So when you read about the Great Duke Zepar being able to make women love men. Is that just lore?

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I havent read on all the Lords of Hell, but imo Lucifer is the absolutely the first to respect individuality, in any case, for this love magick, as positivelycm said, it will take some time, try psychically making her fall obsessed with you in addition, with your mind, that some magick advice to use extra if you want, but…just be careful, obsession love spells can get nasty, and honestly i am not a big fan of them, but you do you

Do you believe someone could be made oppressed and angry all the time by one of these beings and be made to only feel happy and satisfied when they were around you?

anything can happen, just know no action goes without consequence