Intro + I don't know where to start and I might've done something stupid or rash

Ok so I was reading about petitioning a god or goddess. While I know absolutely nothing about magic I don’t know if it was a wise decision I did it without any prior knowledge. I just googled “gods and goddesses” and picked Athena literally not knowing if that was a very good choice. So I asked for all magical knowledge and some other stuff and asked for it in a month. So now what? Do I just wait? Also what kind of magic is good for beginners?


Start off with meditation. Get yourself some books on topics that interest you. And a website called Quareia is a good place to introduce you to the fundamentals of things. For your other questions. I don’t know much about Athena so I can’t say for certain she actually heard you. Also, Magick doesn’t exactly work like that. The entities expect something in return. I don’t know much about petitions either so I don’t know if you have to have an offering ready. But thats usually what you do.

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As a newbie myself I would say learn from books , find the area or an entity of your interest first then look for books about them , you can look for reviews of the book on this forum. I found there is way too much info on here for a new magician and some conflicting ideas very confusing ! I read books and made up my mind first then started asking questions here so now I know which answer resonates and helps and which one doesn’t ! Good luck ! :+1:

If she responds she will give you what she feels you will be able to work with make sure you give an offering in return n a prayer to her as well ok good luck can’t wait to know what happened

Something tells me she won’t answer. That’s not how magick works: Contact one entity, ask to gain and learn everything within a month and then chill on your riches and powers. You think we wouldn’t have done it already?

Relax and enjoy, this ride will last for many maaaany years.


Hello, you could try and learn more about polytheism. There are polytheistic reenactment groups who hold specific rituals. Check the calendars to know when it is a good time to honor and petition Athena.