Intro + Hermeticism

Lemme just introduce myself real quick before I forget and get post blocked here :expressionless: Hi name’s Lord Syphilis it’s an alias I came up with years ago kinda like “War Wagon” or something like that anyway…

About Hermeticism does anyone here believe in that as a philosophy not a religion? Perhaps read the Kyballion?

Welcome, do you have any experience in magick?

Yes I repeatedly read Kybalion :smiley:

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Nope no magic experience yet


How about a proper introduction, in the proper section?

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You know the principle of cause & effect?

The effect of doing an intro that tells us a bit about yourself, is we all get to be real people and it minimises bullshit problems of various kinds. It’s like one thing following another… magick. :wink:

And the principle of vibration? We tend to find people who don’t like doing intros are in the vibrational harmony of “pain in the collective ass.”

And not in a kinky way, either.

So that’s why people chase you for one! :smiley_cat:

What brought you to magick?

Most new magicians don’t even know what the Kybalion is. Did you have any prior psychic or supernatural experiences? :smiley:


Damn that thought is disturbing me a lot.

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At the moment I’m pausing with Hermeticism, but I used to study Italian authors such as Kremmerz, Krejis and Amonosis. Their teachings “features” the concepts of Historical Man (which may awaken inside the individual), Isiac and Osirian paths, Saturnian Body (the physical) etc.

@anon31170600 - please check my reply to you above. Cheers. :+1:

Yes. It is part of my personal philosophy. I typically get my knowledge from translations of the pre-Socratic and Hellenic writings (Corpus Hermeticum, Iliad, Agamemnon, Heraclitus’ Fragments etc.), as well as ONA MSS.

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Give me more examples damn it more.

Ok sorry look do I need to give an intro for every single topic? Also please explain in detail what an intro even is and what the point if it is. Thank you. To answer you’re question I’ve had a paranormal encounter before 3 years ago in a graveyard I wasn’t supposed to be there idk if you would consider that psychic but I felt like the nice little banshee wasn’t really throwing me a welcoming party if you catch my drift. Hey that could be another topic!

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What do you consider proper?

Just create one thread and introduce yourself if you didnt already and you should be fine. :smiley:

Oh sorry this is your introduction topic my bad lol.

This one is a good example for proper introduction.

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It’s not to persecute you :stuck_out_tongue: - it just helps when we have some idea what brought someone to magick.

We get a lot of larpers or would-be gurus etc., and it helps to have some kind of general overview of what motivated someone.

“I can do love spells and jar curses” tells us nothing.

“I started doing love spells to snare my husband last year and now do jar curses for my family” is infinitely more human.

It may seem a bit mad, but it’s worked for us and helped us grow our forum, largely without flamewars etc., for over 5 years. :smiley:

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I gave them my name already and I said I’m a new magician no I don’t have experience I’m brand new just I do a lot of research been researching and experimenting for a year and a half but as far as real magic goes just started practicing with that recently


You might find some useful stuff in here:


That should be enough then. :smiley: Again welcome to the forum.


Thanks a bunch I’ll read up on that apply it to my future posts!

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