Intro & Help From Lucifer?

Hello I’m new to the site and wanted to share my story.just this tuesday i woke up to a 5 day notice on my room mate didn’t pay thier part of the rent.i would’ve paid it in full myself but the person lied and said that they had thier part and the late fee…me i spent my money on other things and paid the light bill.i was so mad i put the person out.i prayed to Lord Lucifer and made a promise that if he would let me come up with the money to keep my place that i would quit drinking alcohol for the rest of my life…i figured that if I’m asking for something so important that i would sacrifice something i love doing that he would know that I’m serious and would be great ful…it’s no fun being homeless…so the next day someone sent me money but not all of it…so just yesterday my landlord said that’s alright you can pay the rest by the end of the month…i was still 100 hundred short…so today another text poped up saying they were sending me the rest of the rent…also i got a phone call from someone saying that they wanted to rent the other room…I’m just saying that things were falling into place at the right time…now I’m waiting for part two about a relationship…I’m sure it will after i give thanks for part 1…Lord Lucifer does answer your prayers just be sincere and loyal…all hail Lord Lucifer awesome

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Lucifer is awesome but when working with entities don’t go offering this right away. Especially a huge sacrifice not sure if you’re making this promise because you’re a heavy drinker or just a small vice you can do without. Just be realistic if you’re dependent or not say you stop working with Lucifer or just lose interest in the occult so you have a drink. You just broke a vow now Lucifer is a very kind and understanding being but I would not take advantage of his kindness.

Keep in mind other entities you may over extend. Also it is just negotiation 101 don’t put all your chips on the table. I asked Lucifer for help and guidance and he said it was for free. Lucifer especially is one who likes to teach and guide. A white candle light, rum (ironic), tobacco, blood, etc does the job just fine too. I have invoked him empty handed Lucifer likes to see us gain power he is the lord of light after all.

Regardless glad he is helping he is amazing and congrats on putting down the bottle. I suffered heroin addiction been off it for seven years. I know quitting is hard I wish I found the occult studies in my early recovery.


Thanks that was helpful but yes i was drinking heavy so it was time to stop