Intro from a long time lurker!

Hello, everyone!

I’m Maye and am so happy to have finally joined! I found your forum a few months ago and have kept it bookmarked for research purposes but am finally ready to take my own magickal workings up a notch.

A bit about me and what’s brought me to this path-was raised in an environment that embraced Christian leaning new ageism so I certainly grew up open minded but the hypocrisy that enshrouds a lot of the “love and lighters” was a real turn off, because at the end of the day…whether you call it “manifesting” or “spell-casting,” we’re really all just trying to get what we want, right? I always felt inclined towards the left hand path and rejected the notion that we should fear knowing the powers unseen (if you’re familiar with Christian leaning new agers, you’ll know what i mean!)

Since I was young I’ve experienced interactions with spirits and entities on the astral plane (primarily in dreams though I have been able to induce a “lucid dreaming state” through meditation a handful of times) and while not all of them have been friendly, these types of experiences have very much shaped how I walk through life and from reading your forum, feel a kinship already with those here who have seen and felt similar things!

You guys seem like a great community and I look forward to learning more and contributing whenever possible!

Thanks everyone!

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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the party.

Welcome! don’t step on the mome raths. Enjoy the rabbit hole.