Intro -- curiosity about Maat & Orobas

I was fed up with former classmates’ careers surpassing mine FOR A DECADE, so…

I paid a psychic redditor in South Africa $30 to do a tarot card reading. She pulled 3 aces! <-- once-in-a-lifetime auspicious

Later, I paid her $23 more to show me how to burn an anointed etched green candle in an appeal to Maat for career advancement help. (Maat is the Egyptian goddess of justice that singer Rihanna tatted below her boobs several years ago.) The next week, I was selected to interview for a big deal opportunity back in my most familiar city. All the interviews went TREMENDOUSLY well! I got the job! I start work next month!

The psychic redditor will NOT help me contact / evoke / invoke / summon / make a pact with Orobas, though. She has regretted choosing “the left hand path” in the past, and she regularly helps oppressed and possessed folks. They send glowing testimonials via WhatsApp!

This…does not count as an introduction, as you have not told us anything about yourself or your magical experience besides paying someone to do a ritual for you. Please provide us more information.

Q. Your preferred name and location, however, please do not disclose your address
A. Call me “mjw.” I am in the midwestern USA.

Q. Your preferred magicks and topics of study
A. I am curious about chaos magick (sigils), candle magick, and communication with Maat and Orobas. I have only ever 1) burned one green candle to Maat with the help/guidance of a psychic redditor and 2) attempted to charge one sigil to impact a recent salary negotiation.

I have read posts here and on about Maat and Orobas. I also read comic book writer Grant Morrison’s awesome “Pop Magic!” essay from the year 2000 disinformation conference’s Book of Lies. I bought his very thick omnibus of all the “The Invisibles” comics and skimmed the essay about sigils in the back of the omnibus. I have ordered “Low Magick” and “Homemade Magick” by Lon Milo DuQuette. I have not read these 3 books yet, though.

I read “The Secret” in 2006. I have sporadically tried to use affirmations and the law of attraction since 2006 to advance my edu and career.

Q. Particular areas of magick where you need help
A. I need help with chaos magick (sigils), candle magick, meditation techniques esp’ly, and communication with Maat and Orobas.

Q. Particular areas of magick where you can provide help
A. I am not yet qualified to help anybody. I am but a lowly beginner.

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Thank you for expanding upon your experience. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Please do tell me how to send private / direct messages. Am I able to do that at my current stage of membership? Maybe I do not yet qualify…

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As a basic member ,you are currently restricted from sending PMs. The ability is system controlled and unlocks automatically once you have been active on the forum for a small length of time by making posts, giving likes, replying to people, etc.

However, a member can PM you and you can reply to them. You just cannot initiate a conversation.