Intro and hi, question about hands

hi am here by the universe’s path.

i am 27 years old. from florida. have been interested in astrology, tarot, etc. for a long time. as a child i had a lot of psychic moments, and as i have gotten more in touch with my spiritual side i see it coming back again.

i would like to say hello to everyone here, and glad to have found this place.

i am here because i can not find any information on what has happened to me within the past few months.

my hands (my left is a lot more predominate) are pulsating out of my palms in plain visibility, this is at all times. if i concentrate on it, is more profound and more visible. this has been going on for months.

i would like to find out more about it, if anyone has any information or insight on what this means?

i know this is part of my ascension but would really like some further knowledge if anyone knows.

thank you


I mean, it seems more symbolic than anything, especially if you’re right handed in writing or operating such as opening doors or writing… and your left hand is pulsating? it literally means your left hand is dying to live and has something to say. It also completely depends on what is your most PRESSING situation in your life. I, personally have a relationship where I FEEL I have been doing right, the most righteous, and rightful responses to what is deemed rightful truths…but I seem to have been deceived on left handed means, so now My LEFT Hand is dying to breathe to show karmatic justifications…examine closely what is in your life and why your left hand is breathing as it is.

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I…and We would have to know what you consider right in your life in order to help. is there something from LEFT field that you aren’t examining? we need to examine the etymology and spiritual reference or right and left. we can do this.

both hands do it, the left hand was the first to start and is stronger. and yes i am mostly right handed

Thing is…Brother or Sister is that serves me to ask this question…is what issues you the most pertinent in your life? Right and Left serve different purposes, you feel no balance between the two, you have an over-weighing on one or the other.You can freely PM me.

You are going to get very “general” information here, unless you’re looking to base your research on people’s say so, are you willing to pay for a course, be referred to a video course, or $100 book that still generates the same passive and general knowledge? Or dig deeper? You PM me…and tell me if the deeper currents of your concerns become reached.

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