Intro and Greetings

Hello everyone,

I'm a young guy (early-mid twenties) who previously only dabbled in the occult. 

My (small) bit of experience

After using an ouija board with friends in early high school, negativity I had during the next few years fueled whatever residual energy, culminating in a poltergeist or egregore haunting me pretty badly. After paying someone to deal with this problem, I became interested in the occult and read a lot of theory; primarily Thelemic. During this time I did not practice magick because I was living at home, but did encounter three important entities while dreaming (probably astral projecting), one of which I was unaware existed at the time. Another being a Goetic named in the 72.

My intentions

After becoming disinterested, I now have my own place and possess a greater interest than before. I’m beginning with Wicca, in order to achieve proficiency in basic magick (I’m not interested in their religion or morality). Then I’m planning on branching into the Egyptian pantheon (I’ve always felt drawn), before finally getting into Demonic magick, which I feel particularly drawn to now. When this happens I suppose I’ll begin with Buer (the one I saw in my dreams), because it seems the most logical thing to do.

Also, I’m beginning meditation work / kundalini.


Welcome to the forum!

I’m pretty much a newcomer to most of the things that are talked about on this forum as well. You’ll find a lot of great information here and a lot of awesome people willing to help out. Almost everything I’ve needed to find out, has already been discussed and had no need to ask. The search option is incredibly useful. My suggestion is you make it your best friend.

Meditation is something that is a must, I believe. I’ve been practicing it for a while now and it’s helped tremendously. The kundalini work, I’ve only very recently started working with that (recently as in the past week) however the benefits have already been proving extremely useful. I’ve no doubt said benefits will grow immensely with time, patience and practice.

Good luck in your quest for knowledge and power!


Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

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