Intro and ... encounters i can't explain

Hi, my name is Ket . I am turning 16 this month (am i too young for this?) , i am really curious and do wanna be invovle with magick and stuff but im quite lost and doesnt know where to start.
I have no experience in magic but i have done a little research and be familiar with names of demon
For a sensitive and timid person like me, i took a leap a faith to speak out >_<

I am quite nervous when taking a selfie pic

I do have some questions of two encounters that i remember very well

The first encounter happened in my room, i was seven years old. So i was readying myself to school. I forgotten my sock, decided to return my room for it. As i enter the dark room, (i have to wake up quite early for school like around 5am) i saw a black cloud forming in front of my eyes. The black, dark hand came out from the cloud like it wanted to grab me , well i act fast and ran to my mother.

Another encounter was just few years ago. I was about to sleep at night, end up seeing a black mist formed on top of me that have a face of a skull with a pair of horns. It disappeared after i blink. Scary, but i continued to sleep afterward.

After the encounters, i can’t get around my head of who is trying to reach out for me. Can anyone tell me who was visited me?


I dont think age is an issue in this Forum
What you might have experienced is a Spirit i Guess…
If you can explain in a more detailed form what you saw it would be helpful to let you know what it was


The first encounter was just dark grey arm trying to reach me from the cloud in midair and thats it. Really weird and interesting. My mom thought i was just imagining it.

It made me think of the ace cards in the tarot where they are the start of a journey on a specific path.

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@Aprentiz it does look like what you were describing. I wonder why that spirit would like to appear in a dramatic opening :sweat_smile:

Because it is an image you would understand, possibly too young at the time but signs and communications are not always meant for time-space your currently in. It can be a powerful implanted image for later retrieval when it’s needed.

The fact that you are starting your journey now, reminded you of that image. Exactly what it was meant to do.

Now that’s my interpretation only so don’t take it as the only option. It has to make sense to you.


Welcome to the forum.


Highly recommend Angels of Alchemy by Gallery of Magick for inner work for your confidence. I’ve recommended it a few times today it seems but doing the ‘inner work’ first will always help your results for little things like taking selfies, making friends, being social much easier because youve worked on all your ‘baggage’. ‘The only way out is through…’


Thank you @Purple and @Awake XD

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Welcome to balg my young sister age not an issue however scary your doing a good thing to start look into goetia entities to see if any of tgier name stick out to you


Welcome to you. I started working magick around your age and then left it for years. This is a good time for you to learn. Let us know how we can help you. There are a bunch of great people on here, so let us know if you have questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi & welcome, Ket
Your age is not a problem, don’t worry (I turned 16 when I started in a formally way, I mean, six months ago) Don’t forget the magnificent search tool at the top, it can be helpful

If you don’t have so much experience, I (a kind of newbie as well) would recommend some mental hygiene & cleanses just un case you get a little bit overwhelmed by some forum posts.

Good luck on your path!