Intro - Absolute first timer

Hello fellow magicians and members. My name is Ron. I am absolutely new to Magick. I’ve always been spiritual but never had any experience with practical Magick. I am hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction. I recently purchased Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand and will try my first spell either today or tomorrow. I am thinking I will go for these two rituals to begin with and get the blessings on this new path:

  1. Kamael - To improve the quality of that which is sought.
  2. Raziel - To access your magickal ability
    Would this be a good way to start? I am also seeking help from all you experienced magicians out here in beginner tips, pronunciations, explaining good and bad of this dimension.

Thank you so much for your help in advance. I am super stoked to get started. Hopefully Kamael and Raziel will help me along with you all and provide me with the guidance I seek. :smile:

I would start with Raziel, if you’re into angels. Also, have in mind that those conceptions of angels being totally great dudes and only doing the good don’t exist. They’re more “neutral” than you can imagine, and they can do both “good and evil” roles.

Read a lot first. I like the “Gallery of Magick” books, they’re simple and direct as they need to be, but take this as a good thing and have sure that you’re did magick. Let it go, don’t lust about the results, just be sure that you did magic and only work towards it in physical realm.

And don’t keep yourself only on one book, study a lot. As you grow as magician, you’ll see a whole new world of possibilities.

And be welcome.

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Thank you so much @Isamo_Minami. I appreciate your valuable insight.

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