Intro...(about me)

Hi guys I’m new here and my name is Kaya (my parents named me Fatima so it’s more like a nickname I guess)
I live in Iran which is an extra traditional religious country (ugh)
my parents are Muslim as well but when I slowly told them that I’m not anymore(actually never really have been considering me being 14 at that time I was just doing what I had been told) they got upset ,they’re pretty open minded so they got used to it(still having hope that I might change someday).
I got into spirituality a year before and got introduced to satanism and black magic from YouTube couple of days ago.
summoning demons got my interest the most so that’s what I’m working on for now

PS I need to change myself and my life massively and I’m super lazy by nature so please if you know anything easy that could help me I’d really appreciate it

PSS I’m not that good at English so I make a lot of mistakes hopefully someday I’d be able to summon a demon to teach me English

Thank you for bearing with me

any questions about my so called life and me?


Asmodeus will help you with both laziness and language mastery.


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome!! :smile:

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=))) Thank you I’d try to contact him

Thank you very much^^

Thank U ^-^

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