Intro <3

Hi guys!

i am reeeaalllyyy really not the constant spell caster but i have done some simple spells on my own.

i found this website when i was searching for spell casters or rootworkers or anybody who could cast a spell for me. and poof… here i am!

hope to learn more here :slight_smile:


What kind of “simple spells” have you done?

Do you have a specific system you work in?


to be honest, i havent really done much and i have little to no idea about this spells and the other ways associated with it. the only very simple spells i have done are contact me spells and honey jar :slight_smile:

now i just realized, when u asked about specific systems, i really dont know anything about this world.


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Thank you for elucidating a bit upon your experience, and again, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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ah yeah. i still really am trying to get acquaunted with the website. looking for topics is a lil hard using my phone. i dont have a laptop/desktop xD

Welcome Panda
its nice to see you in our forum as per me there are no simple spells all spells are powerful its not must that it has to be complicated i believe that demons are very smart as long as we put the words with strong believe on them it will work i guess still we all have lots to learn and travel
My friend wishes for your success

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hey, thanks a lot for the warm welcome :slight_smile: