Intranquility Spirit spell - everything you need to know

Im so into tis stuff return love. U guys not believe me tis, but intranwuilo spirto, and anima sola are not the same but same goal. Now the part tat i found last year is, its a hecate and anima sola, spell to return a lover to you. In days, not making tisup. Its a old book, besides tat surprised a frances person mix tis 2 spirts, and another spell were u use a talisman to bring a liver to you. I knw ut sounds weird,

If you would like to draw a friend closer to you, I would seriously advise against the intranquil spirit spell. If you want to turn a friend into a lover, try a love spell, honey jar, visualizations or work with a love spirit.

@QueenMustang sorry for bothering you but do you know if we can to this spell during the day ?

Hi therr @lady_Gini, I’m never bothered by anyone here, ask anything you need to ask :blush: I’m not sure if the time of day matters, I never cast the spell myself, I always had someone else do it for me.

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@QueenMustang thank you anyway!!! I can’t find if the time matters .I van start on Friday but cast the spell at night is a problem for me :disappointed:

There isn’t a correct time persay. Night hours tend to high energy periods also that the target tends to be asleep allowing work to hit easier. However it all really depends on the caster and their energy. Someone can cast any type of work at any point of day and it works smoothly. Others having stronger energy during certain points of the day. Also depends if the person simply works at their own time or works with planetary hours or other related things

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