Intranquility Spirit spell - everything you need to know

What if I can’t bury the candle? I live in an apartment in a big city. Digging and burying isn’t really an option without police wondering what the heck your doing lol. Also the time of day? I plan on doing it early

Get a plant and bury it in the soil of the plant.

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Did this again, but for someone else.

Has anyone had results from this spell?

I’m gonna guess not

You shouldn’t talk about works that are in the process of being done or that have been successful because it can very easily be taken away or destroyed. If you search this forum you will find people who have had success.

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what do i do w the petition paper and picture? do i bury it with the candle remains too?

Yes you can.

i can also burn it right?

I heard when you do a intranquility spirit spell and if it works the intranquility spirits is free and you take their place in hell.

Hey please can you PM me I am unable to PM you


Where did u read this :hushed:

I read it somewhere when I wad researching for intranquility spirit lemme see if I can find it again. I also I remember watching a video.

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Oh here you go i read it here

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And this is the video


Thank you. I’ll check this out

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Your welcome :blush::blush:

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It’s not true, but believe what you want. YouTube is my source for all my knowledge… those posters would never steer you wrong. LMFAO.

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What were your results