Intranquil spirit question: Do I need to recast?

Hi everyone! Last week I hired someone to send the intranquil spirit to bring back my ex-lover at my feet. I was told that contact would not break the spell. However, shortly after asking I decided to cut contact anyway.

4 days after I cut contact (about 5 days after the spirit was sent) I received a call from her. She was in tears and told me she wasn’t eating or sleeping. I decided to comfort her and then broke contact again.

So my question is: was that contact the results of the spirit? She is not going to come back again because she made contact? I am confused because there is a lot of contradictory information about how this spirit truly works. Some say that because my petition said to bring her to me in a relationship the spirit won’t stop until she gives in and enters a relationship. Others say that the contact was the effects and now I need to recast. Beyond that, others say it is not broken until we meet in person (which we haven’t). Does anyone know?

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