Intoduction new

Hello im Ruddy from indonesia

I just know this forum around 5 days.

Im a spirit keeper in white and grey area

I once try making a sigil and imbue it with power (i try this around last year) . I dont know which sigil its. Because i just corious about trying it that i know from my country forum. And the power make me creepy fear.

Dunno why i feeling called and found this community randomly.

I hope i can found who called/ guide me here.

And i really interesting about this area or ppl said “black/dark”

Sorry if my english bad. Not my native language

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Welcome to the forum @clazzy

What does this mean?

If I am understanding you correctly, you have no experience in magick?

Yes. I dont exp with magick. Im just spirit keeper who know about mediate to bound with my spirit that i bought

Oh, you bought a spirit on the internet. Gotcha.

Yup. Just courious . After i read some thread here. It seem different from i know. Here everyone try it him/herself as practisioner

It makes me excited

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