Into The Deep

Before I began my own self initiated path I used to have alot of experiences that often shocked and terrified me. One such experience was a vision which would break open in my mind sometimes. The vision always caused me tremendous fear as I would try to flee from the vision. But it bore itself into my awareness becoming crystal clear and sensational.

I would suddenly find my inner senses submerged in some large body of water. When I first had the vision a shadow would appear and swell in size as it drew closer to me. Then I would perceive a very large shark, larger than a whale, swimming directly towards me with it’s very wide mouth open, teeth the size of my own body flaring in rows from it’s jaw. The vision would shock me terribly as I tried to escape.

For a few years the vision would come to me, nearly overwhelming me each time. Until one day I determined to face the vision. I waited for the vision to come for weeks until one day it came. A large titanic shark appearing before me shook my will again to the flight impulse but I remained steadfast in my resolve. Suddenly the grest beast drew close to me and the next thing I know I’m floating before one of the great eye’s of the dark wartery beast. Then I felt a connection between us and we swam together through the depths.

But that was only the beginning. Later on I would have the vision again but I would see a wall of darkness, the point in the Deep where light reached no further. Again fear arose in me as the terror of the unknown born itself through shock. The face of the unknown, darkness itself was even more terrifying than the swelling shadow and frightful maw. For the mouth of the face of darkness stretched from beyond the horizon.

Yet, the face of darkness I would pass through exciting new sensations and visions. Even in the darkness beyond light I were able to see as if my own body produced illumination but I was unaware of my form. I drifted ever downwards until I reached a floor. Following the floor I found a dead ancient reef which were the cliff edge before a grest chasm. I marveled in familiar yet new fear as I looked down into the even darker depths beyond the reef’s edge. As I crossed the edge and swam deeper below, I felt a swelling dread that I had not felt before, as though this new gate would lead me to an even grander, more ancient domain. And I knew I was not alone…

Drifting ever downwards and slowing with utmost caution and wariness, I went. Through darker and darker unfathomable depths of grand ancient ocean I went miles and miles beyond light. But then in the distance I saw a shadow upon the darkness which at first seemed small until I realized the full scale of the closing creature. The megalithic beast was unfamiliar to me and such a tremendous creature I wondered if he would even see me. He didn’t… In the wake of one of his great arms, larger than the greatest tree on earth, I was thrown about in cruel currents which arose by the passing of the divine creature. I spun and twisted in the churring wake of the megalithic beast for what seemed like an eternity. But my resolve was ever solid.

Yet again I found myself before the swelling shadow of the megalithic god of The Deep. And then I had a thought, perhaps he is sleep swimming. So I must make myself known in time so he may halt his charge. So I lit a powerfull array by my own body which produced a harmonic accompaniment that stirred the consciousness of the great creature. Then I beheld it’s magnificent form produce a dance as it dampened it’s momentum. For the size of the creature was such that it carried a great current with it’s body that in turn propelled the creature’s body. So the creature had to perform an intricate procedure before me which looked like a dance. Large tentacles in great number and shocking girth wrapped and curled as the current pushed upon the back of the megalithic beast. As we met my inner celestial array shown forth like bright shining crowns floating above my head. Great colorful light rung forth to the great creature. The creature itself seemed to marvel at my own display as we met one another. Yet his size made me as an ant before an elephant. But my amazment were greater than my shock.

The megalithic beast would later lead me through hidden portals in The Deep far beyond light which led me to primordial waters drifting through the timeless cosmos itself. Fascinated I was upon drifting out of the watery surface to stand upon the vast emptiness of space. So I found myself yet before oceans which drifted before me in the greater cosmos. Families of oceans appearing before me in a variety of forms. All these things I marveled at as I overcame all my fears and daunting visions. All these things I saw on my spiritual journey through The Deep.



That’s awesome. Ive been seeing synchronicities involving gigantic waves, volcanoes and Kamohoali’i, the shark God that guards the water of life.

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Where can I read about the shark deity?


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I think Fijan mythology would’ve been a glorious, succinct answer.

I think Google is the most succinct answering service your gonna get. People who ask things like that, who would rather wait to get a reply instead of doing a quick search will always befuddle me.

@BlackFlameEmissari sorry for the derail, I also hate derailerz. I always love your stories, I wish I could meet u in person to see if your personality matches up.

Here’s a question, what were the portals like? I like to think of myself as a portal conneseur. I am curious as to the nature of the ones the creature took u through.


Imagine the Deep is a multidimensional realm composed of mystical oceans that connect with one another. I chose to try to find the deepest point of the Deep which eventually led me to outerspace.

You don’t really experience the portal itself. As you are swimming, you just mystically enter an older ocean. It’s like water itself is a portal and the oceans stretched through time flowing into one another connecting time across the eons.


I’d like to know this too. And you and I should have a chat about portals.

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Yah man, hit me up.

I can’t figure out how to send a PM. Sigh.

You have to be here a certain amount of time to send pms …but they can pm you first if they wish to talk.