Intimate with a demon?


I was curious if anyone here has an intimate relationship with a demon? I’m a bit interested in this if its possible :slight_smile:

Mods please feel free to remove if this is incorrect category for this type of question. Thanks!!!

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If you search the forum for spirit marriage, succubus and incubus you’ll find most of the topics. Many people consider these two types to be a race of demons/often able to shift or take either gender in appearance- you may or may not agree with them.

There is a thread dedicated to intimate encounters with spirits in graphic detail- to contain it and keep the forum from becoming smut central but I don’t think it’s been utilized in quite some time.

It’s not frowned upon, but sometimes newbies latch onto it and then reply to every thread in existence most of which are not related or have been out of commission for years- basically becoming obsessed with the topic.

Otherwise we have at least one person married to an angel, many choose gods and goddesses as well.

If this is something you’d like to do, I’d encourage you to work on your senses first, or be really careful, or starting with a servitor if you just can’t make yourself do the foundational work first.

It can very easily turn into a toxic relationship where one gains much more than the other, so it’s wise to be able to help yourself before you get into it.


Okay! Thanks a bunch for your reply :slight_smile: