Intimate encounters with an entity

I have heard many state, even some people here on this forum, that it is possible to have sex with an entity either by asking that entity if they wish to engage in such activity, or that sometimes an entity may present the idea to you instead. I have seen references to such encounters where it was stated that the human, if female, will usually use some type of phallace shaped object to pleasure herself while connecting with the entity as the entity is not made of solid matter and would therefor not posses a solid physical penis himself.

Is it possible to engage in sex with an entity without the use of an adult toy in order to feel pleasure. For example, if you lay down and feel the presence of the entity so strong, would it be possible to feel as if the entity has an actual male organ so strongly to the point it feels like you are literally having sex with another human male? Obviously, this type of human-spirit interaction would only be possible for the magician that is highly receptive to the unseen.

Out of curiosity, this leads me to also ask. Could the same thing be possible not just for a human and an entity, but if two humans in separate locations form a telekenetic connection (<for lack of a better word) could they too use the power of visualization and intuitive reception to have sex with one another? Sort of like the concept of cyber or phone sex but using only the mind, no actual phones or computers involved. The two humans are not in the same location and are not using any other verbal or written means to communicate. Could this be accomplished via a strictly psychic method or would at least one of the humans have to soul travel to the location of the other person?

I owe you a cookie for this idea!

As for your second point, it just seems more like two people astral projecting to each other and doing that, I’m not sure how well it would work with no one astral projecting at all tbh

Just for the hell of it I think I will tell you about the weirdest occult sex I have ever had, actually it might not be the weirdest but it’s up there.

So anyway this started with an astral projection, during the projection I seemed to autonomously assume one of my godforms and sort of created what appeared to be a cybernetic dog to my astral senses. I had no idea what this was about at the time, but it was the day before a pretty crazy ritual I did.

The next day during the ritual I sort of energetically turned into a dog and had sex with an entity that I can’t really describe other then that it looked like a formless blob of energy. I sort of intuitively understood this entity was the dog entities parent even though I sort of gave birth to it the day before the sexual encounter. If this wasn’t odd enough I’m pretty sure I was the girl dog.

I haven’t really investigated what the dog entity is or does yet, that’ll be something to try later.

I owe you a cookie for this idea![/quote]

I know it seems funny, but I honestly have read comments about that scenario by more than one person. Just trying to understand how something like that would work as I have never done it before, never even had that idea until I read about it recently. I am not planning on doing something like this, it’s just that since I have not personally done this with an entity or another person, I am trying to grasp in my mind if this is even possible either way. And if so, how would it be possible? If anyone here has had such an experience or knows someone who has.

Yes it’s possible. Though I’d recommend seeking out the entity within your dreams instead.
I actually have this sort of relationship with one of my spirits. One instance, I had an extremely vivid dream of being fucked on my bed shortly after a ritual communion with said entity.

Yes, it is possible in my experience - I do this on occasion with the spirit I’m in a lifetime pact with, but creating a full, touchable evocation takes quite a lot of focus, so it’s not something I’d do for the equivalent of a spirit/human “quickie”! :wink:

It’s also possible to do this with the shade of a deceased human, but they need to have been very powerful in life and have embraced their state as a kind of revenant with full awareness, be capable of drawing eneregy to themselves to remain powerful, AND you have to be able to feed them energy without becoming drained.

It’s worth it if you love them though, and I did - this was ages ago, when I was single.

I’ve not attempted the last idea with my partner so far, because my life’s complicated enough! :slight_smile:

[quote=“RavensAscent, post:5, topic:5489”]I know it seems funny, but I honestly have read comments about that scenario by more than one person.

…And if so, how would it be possible? If anyone here has had such an experience or knows someone who has.[/quote]

It’s an extension of invoking a spirit into an image, or drawing down power into a ritual object, or maybe even opening a sigil - you simply link the spirit (with them already evoked to your presence) to the object.

Interestingly, some Egyptian gods had idols who had erect (and quite impressive!) phalluses, we can only speculate what they got up to but there’s some evidence to suggest that their priestesses interacted with them, at least symbolically, in a sexual manner.

My STRONG advice for anyone new to this is to have already had sexual interactions with the spirit, so that byou know how they affect you: also, know that you trust them completely, and that they want this at least as much as you do, because the object you link (it doesn’t have to be a penetrative sex toy, use your imagination for other things) is in a sense becoming their idol, a physical container/link to their core self (if you’re of the mindset that spirits are like energy/software/archetypes of the mass subconscious, the same theory applies - this object is permanently “live” or whatever to that current).

Using anything that penetrates your body whilst also hosting the energy - the sexual energy, no less - of a spirit, seems to link the nearest chakras and other subtle energies of your body to that spirit, which is also something to take seriously - you’ll probably find it has tangible effects on your own energy body, and affects how people perceive you, for example you might become temporarily more attractive to other men/women as a result.

Thank you Lady Eva for your helpful insight.

I would not see why not. Everyday we interact with items and objects that are just an interpretation of the world we experience, via the brain. Spirits and other Entities are not of this world exactly but we can still interact with them so there would be no reason why we would not be able to feel them to such an extent.

As for telepathically induced sex, that should definitely be possible wit practice.