Interview with Lon Milo Duquette

Coast to Coast AM from a couple of days ago. Interview starts at 1:14:30
! No longer available

EA should try to get on Coast To Coast. If Winter Laake can, why not? Millions of listeners. Good for business.

EA was on Coast to Coast, though it was a while ago. George asked him all the standard questions like “what is magic?” and “Why would a demon want to work for you?” Unfortunately shows like C.T.C. are geared to a wide audience and never really go as deep into the magic topics as they could.

Thanks for posting this though, I love Lon. I have a friend who has been over to his house and chatted Lon up a few times about his Enochian work. My friend told me that Lon blew his mind at how simple Enochian can be. Well how simple it can be when Lon teaches you a few things…

Well, he would be a perfect guest for Art Bell, who’s all about the ooky-spooky shit. Now that I think of it, Art’s back with a new show (again), so maybe that could be a good promotional outlet. But this kind of material is totally lost on Noory. The only people who do well with Dave are the ones who have everything prepared so they won’t need prompting and just ignore him when he interrupts them mid-sentence with an unfathomably stupid question.

My first thought when I saw LMD on C2C though was, “Again?” That show is really on the skids lately. Again. (Nothing against Lon, but they need new guests.)

At this point, if EA went back on C2C, Dave would give him the same introduction and ask all the same questions as last time and do the exact same show again, because that’s what he does now whenever he has a repeat guest from 5+ years ago.

I did not know EA had previously been on Coast To Coast! I somehow missed that one.

It was around 2010. This site didn’t exist yet. He was promoting one of his books. I listened live. He did all right, but Noory sucks. It’d probably seem pretty boring compared to some of stuff he’s done on Youtube lately.

I didn’t know that either but there’s a good chance I was listening in during that interview. From 2008 to late 2011 I listened to that program almost every day for the political insights and every night for the eerie, crazy, psychic, magick, religious dicussions. So I probably was listening during Eric’s interview but there’s a good chance I was drawing too and was spaced out or maybe I didn’t pay much attention to it because I know that if my (spouse at the time) was listening to it he was most likely making fun of Eric because that’s around the time when he really turned into a hardcore atheist so I usually just rolled my eyes and ignored whatever he was listening to because I couldn’t enjoy it with him around anyway.