INTERVIEW: Why Undergo Demonic Possession?

Physical Evocation Of Spirits - Interview With Nate Bales

does Nate bales have a youtube channel? something is off with his body language and I want to establish a baseline

I suspect its because the interview is partly scripted and Nate isn’t a fantastic actor.

More like he isn’t buying what he’s selling(due to the side to side nods he constantly does when promoting it and the tightlipped smile) and he’s either an egonaniac or intimidated by EA(constant territorial displays during the interview)… also I don’t think he has worked through the course as his eye movement and tone show way too much uncertainty when talking about evocation… EA on the otherhand was completely confident in most of the interview, only showing defensive or self soothing gestures(such as rubbing the throat or putting his arm in front of him ss a barrier) when the release date and course was brought up, showing some nervousness about launch

LoL! You guys are pretty fucking funny! …No, I don’t have a YouTube channel, or any other medium where you can indulge in Voyeuristic analysis of my body language. lol. …There’s a number of things that were going on behind the scenes during that interview. I was kinda tethered in that position, because I had to wear an earpiece to hear him with, that was coming up from behind the seat I was in, and didn’t give me much freedom of body movement. I also had a long list of topics and questions all pertaining to evocation and the course that I thought people might be interested in, taped to the side of my monitor for reference that I had to glance at during his responses, to make sure I was covering subject matter as efficiently as I could. I was a little sleep deprived as well, and just tried to do the best I could, for one continuous take. As for my smile… lol. Just the way it is at times I guess, …wasn’t trying to come off as a “Holier than Thou” egomaniac, lol! …I have Nothing but the highest Love and Respect for the man. He’s not only a wonderful, personal friend of mine, but is also my most respected spiritual mentor. …It was the second time I did a Skype interview, and am definitely no expert. Haaaa! E.A. On the other hand, is nothing short of a fucking Fantastic interview subject!! Besides his Priceless experience, understanding of spiritual mechanics, and success with hands on application… He is very articulated, and versed in effectively communicating his perspectives on any topic that he’s pitched. And handles himself like a PRO.
As far as the Evocation Course itself, I was fortunate enough to be able to help assist with certain segments, and have had some privileged insight as to its contents, but haven’t gotten to check it out yet… but am probably more excited about it than most anybody! :wink: I HAVE however worked though, and found Extreme proficiency in his last Course (Mastering Divination) and have worked through a majority of his other texts. …I’m sorry if my performance as the interviewer detracted from what you took home out of the interview. I definitely don’t have the same problem though with my Sorcery.

No detraction on the interview, I saw it as you guys having decided on a list of things to discuss and at times you were a bit caught out on how to seamlessly integrate those topics. I can’t say I would have done any better.

Wasn’t a distraction at all… I just study body language to gauge people and like I said I don’t have a baseline so i’m just going off what those cues generally mean… which can be problematic as such traits in some people are their natural body language(take MW ford for example who exhibits territorial displays anytime he is in front of a camera) my bad if I misinterpreted… all that aside I thoroughly enjoyed the interview

There was no script. And he wasn’t acting.

He volunteered to interview E.A.

He wrote up his own questions.

E.A. even rejected the opportunity to review the questions in advance so it’d be a natural, improvisational interview.

I accept your apology of behalf of Nate.

But don’t ever accuse him of “not buying what he’s selling” ever again, as if implying that he’s deceptive, or disingenuous.

He is a man of integrity. He flew out to Utah and stayed in a hotel to help E.A. film Mastering Evocation, and paid for his own airfare and lodging, insisting that he get no compensation.

Your theoretical analysis of his body language really pissed me off, to be honest, because you were not only dead wrong in all your assertions, but you were insulting.

Especially when he and E.A. volunteered their own time and energy to make a free interview for everyone to enjoy.

P.S. Body language theory is a crackpot pseudo-science. It’s based on the fundamental falsehood that all human gestures and physical movements have a universal meaning. And it shamelessly violates the two worst fallacies, “mind reading” and “overgeneralization”.

I’d be happy to debate you on this in another thread.

Sure a debate sounds great, just not right now as I don’t have access to wifI at the moment, and typing anything over a few sentences on a phone gets annoying…
as for the bit about the evocation course I wasn’t aware of that… I thought he was just some random guy(well not like completely random more along the lines of a radio host random)… I completely apologise in that light…

being on board since the beginning of BALG, i recognized GOZER as pretty powerful, humble, honest and funny guy, who seems to be fully immersed emotionaly into his on ascent - which makes him happy.

and i was pleased to se him again on the interview.

let’s not forget we’re talking about black mages here… dark sorcerers… in my life experience so far, i’ve come to conclusion that those types are most reasonable and sane people, who transcend all mental boxes with joy and smile often.
those people don’t pick on the easy pray, like many other producers of any kind of material do. (they’re not here to fuck us over, but to empower us, so we can ALL turn the system around)

Hey listening to this right now, the part about evoking the electrician was funny. EA, did you evoke any camera guys when you were learning how to use the camera to film your stuff?

People always assume they know what someone’s intentions are through some means or another… like ‘body language’ lol

Bottom line:“Never judge a man before you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.” (quote from one of my favorite childhood books, 'Walk Two Moons").