Interrupted message to me from King Paimon

So last night, I was instructed by King Paimon to draw a sigil (posted below) and place it under my pillow while I slept. He said he wanted to show me something and seemed really excited about it.

However I could barely sleep that night. I got terrible cravings for food and couldn’t get myself to relax. I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular; it was just that my thoughts were racing and jumping from one thing to another.

When I finally did manage to fall asleep, I was taken to some sort of empty obsidian(?) castle underneath a barely lit sun. The “dream” was constantly interrupted, however, and I would constantly wake up. I also saw Azazel following us around. I tried to put more attention on King Paimon though, because he seemed really excited about what he wanted to show me and to me, it didn’t feel fair to suddenly shift my focus away from him.

Ultimately, King Paimon didn’t get to show me everything. When I woke up, I apologized to him. He told not to worry about and that we could try again tonight.

Sooo… what happened? Did I forget to do something else? Was I supposed to charge it? Why was Azazel there?

(Here’s the sigil; I apologize for my bad artistry)


I don’t know why Azazel was there, but I don’t believe you did something wrong…I guess, it just didn’t happen as planned. Try again tonight and see how it goes.


Perhaps he’s somebody the OP needs to work with?


have you made this thread before?

No, I don’t think so. Why?

because I remember this thread with the exact same words/sigil posted a while back.