Interpreting tarot reading for baneful magick

Hello, recently I attempted a baneful working. Today I was attempting some tarot and I got the following, will appreciate a second look.

Q. Will the working succeed?
A. Five of Swords
–At first I thought of the person holding the swords as myself, so I thought “great, get rekt target”. But online interpretations suggest it’s a defeat to the reader, seeming to interpret the reader as the two dudes behind.

So then I asked:
Q. Will the spirit ~deal with~ the target, if I redid the working and offered blood? (I’d used an oil previously)
A. Death
–That should be a huge ‘go’ in a baneful working?

Last thing, I asked:
Q. Will I be harmed by the spirit if I offer blood?
A. Queen of Swords

Not sure how to interpret the last one. For what it’s worth, I drew the Queen of Cups and Queen of Pentacles in previous readings about the (explicitly baneful) spirit I’m petitioning. Do I need to, and should I redo the working? Looking for more professional advice. Thanks in advance as it’s night here.