Interpreting signs

I suppose this can be classified as a journal so here it will be put.

In any case I believe I have finally interpreted signs that were sent my way and wanted to see what everyone thought.

So a few days ago I did a void meditation and met an entity which took the form of a viper made of smoke. This entity told me I wasn’t welcome where I was and told me to leave. I made a post about this experience and @Lady_Eva pointed me to the works of @KurtisJoseph, specifically his Kunda Yoga post. This will be important later.

I didnt pay much mind to any of this and was curious as to what this entity was. Suffice to say, being the stubborn dumbass I am, I went back to the void to ask it directly. Upon arriving, I was met with angry hissing and was asked what I wanted. I asked its name and it told me, among other names, Satan.

So fast forward to last night, I was bored and went surfing YouTube. A nagging sensation sent me to EA’s videos relating to Kurtis and his book. Now, ever since I got on these forums I had been interested in that book. So I watched these videos and thought it was interesting.

Then I got to the video on Kunda Yoga. Now, in one of the previous videos, Kurtis had talked about it being the “Path of Smoke” and the way “of the adversary” both I thought were funny coincidences. Then he began talking about the twin serpents DoMar and DeHak and everything clicked.,

Satan, the adversary, manifested himself as a serpent made of smoke. To me that is the clearest sign I could have gotten as it is the adversarial, serpentine path of smoke.

So as I type this I am in the process of purchasing the book, Black Magick of Ahriman. The powers at be work in mysterious ways.

TL;DR: i interpreted a vision from the void as a sign to walk to path of smoke and purchase the BMoA.

(Sorry long post, have a cookie :smile: :cookie:)

Cheers and may your path be free of obstruction.


This work is revolutionary. There is nothing else like it. Buckle your seatbelt. The velocity of ascent is intense.