Interpreting a Dream - Signs of a Spirit

Hi all,

So I had a dream a couple of nights ago that has led to what seems to be a breaking point. Whenever I remember a dream, it’s typically lucid, so there will be a lot of details.

To give some insight, I am a person with an engineering and physics background and has always seen the paranormal with a scientific point of view but also experiencing the sentient side. In my youth I was a super fan of Digimon (still am) and got obsessed with one of the 7 dark lords, the one who represents sloth, Belphemon. Since then, not going to lie, I’ve been very lazy and have the habit of doing everything last minute. So far everything goes well but it’s stressful. Never pursued the occult aspect of Digimon (and there’s a whole lot) until recently.

Idk if there’s been a connection between the spirit and I since but in the dream:

I was at a retreat center that was on a cliffside with the ocean nearby. It was during a festival or workshop that had people from all over the place, including EA Koetting and some other writers I’ve been reading lately along with, who knows, astral selves of members of this forum. There were discussions and classes on the paranormal, magick, just about anything under the sun with invocations, evocations, and the sort. I walk into a labyrinth type library, there was a section that had drawers with our names. In the drawers you would find things that were given to you as time progressed. I found in mine wooden tablets engraved with words that pointed to the spirit, not necessarily an evocation but still interesting. As I’m carrying those tablets, things begin to act weird. I find myself alone and there’s a lot of energy. Something begins to manifest but would move things and then dissipate. I go to a bookstore and there’s a book with no author with the title being the spirit’s name. I open it and can read the words, it’s like a grimoire and has some sigils and images. So I get curious and buy it along with some other books. I go to the cafeteria and find it to be empty. As I’m eating, it then begins to manifest again and before it took a physical appearance, I woke up.

What could this mean? Is there a connection waiting to be made? Should I work with or banish this spirit?

As a TLDR- Has anyone worked with Belphegor?