Interpret the results of my mantra chanting please

Hi there.
I am still getting a hang around this forum. Apologies if I have posted this question in the wrong group.
So my experience so far is that I started chanting a beej mantra of Ganesha and that very day suddenly a pigeon flew into my house.
Now after 3 days I felt the need to start chanting some more beej mantras of surya Bhagvan and hanuman for a specific purpose AND the same night a pigeon flew into my house and entered my God’s room and fell dead there.
Now this worries me. I am chanting these beej mantras to improve my situation. I am doing it without guru upadesh. I just picked it up online. Is it a good sign to go ahead? What would you do?
My intent before chanting the mantras was to establish a connection with cosmic energy to help improve my life situation now and in future.

Sup Seeker,

Dude those experiences are like blaring loud-speaker obvious that spirit is active lmfao.

When stuff that never happens happens… Twice… Spirit is definitely active…

Word of advice…

Be very specific when your intentions. When you say ‘help improve my life situation’ you are leaving it almost entirely to spirit. Spirit’s idea of improvements to your life situation and your ego/mind’s idea of improvement can differ quite radically…

For instance… Spirit decides it would be a great improvement of your life situation to experience total humility and non-attachment… And thus takes all your possessions from you to that end.

Always be specific with your intent =D