Interesting thing just happened

So, I had previously posted a story on this girl who basically went circles around me with my feelings, then cut me off like I was some kinda pest, unjustly so, anyway first week i was sad, blah blah blah, untill I started getting real angry and wanting tocurse her, but instead I just decided to get rid of my anger psychically on her for the past week or so, like sending back the pain to her.

Anyway just now I had gotten angry again and decided to do it again psychically and mentally and I could see this crystal mirror where my energy was ending up in, like a shield, I think she figured out it was me and put herself a shield up maybe, now, no matter how much I try to reach her, the stronger the shield gets, I got to give her props, she is smart with this, I didnt know, lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Woops! Well… Betcha she can’t shield herself from Azrael lmao :joy::joy:

**run to call Azrael and summon him

“dear Azrael, do you mind hurting this girl whos done me wro-”


Azrael : “Another one…”

lmao how I think it would go :rofl::rofl::rofl:


YOU MADE MY FUCKING DAY! Oh my gosh :joy::joy::joy:

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Im glad sister/brother, I always try to spread positivity and am a good jokester :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am a sis lmao :joy:
And yeah ya got a good sense of humour ! Best wishes! :metal:


Thanks sister :slight_smile:

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It’s not unbreakable. Heat or sound is the way to go.

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how would I do it through heat or sound though lol

Well I would meditate on the image of the shield I saw, Is there an entry point, was it smooth. If so I would raise my energy and feed it heat, you could actually turn it into a beautiful spell as well by replicating it in the physical. Place a plastic bead on a charcoal disc representing the shield and watch it melt and disintegrate

If it was faceted, those edges are definitely more susceptible to sound waves, In that case I might use a wine glass, make it sing while focusing on the shield. When the glass breaks the shield will be down.

Of course this all needs you to work it, but just some random thoughts that came to mind.


what I found happening was that the more i focused my energy on her the shield got stronger, plus for some reason I felt love emanating back from it, I felt good, could it be that she understood what she did and how she hurt me and is trying to say sorry by sending me back what I need in the depths of my soul??

I cannot interpret for you because your puzzle is just that…Yours.

But focusing the right energy on the shield rather than the person would be a better way to go for me anyway.


I can’t control my hatred most of the time and almost everybody who wronged me ends up sick or disappears even when I don’t curse them.
You have to hate them from the bottom of your heart and the curse will always works. Even after months or years.

Learn to harness that rage. I have it on tap, and it makes my rituals supercharged.

Whenever you are able to inject potent emotions into your rituals, it’s like adding gasoline to a fire, or a nitrous to a performance race car. Everything is hypercharged.

You’re able to allow raw emotion to flow, the Primal stuff of creation.

The results are beyond amazing.

What do you usually do to control your rage?

are you asking me?

Yes. Can you send a PM to me?