Interesting stuff Journal

Well continuing my path I came to figure out why I think Astaroth made me lazy I was Obsessed about making money without realizing how stuff works and how hard it is and that it takes time I think she saw me burning myself out I am speculating. I gave a chicken to Azazel it wasn’t good for my psyche :frowning: I think it went okay had some blessings here and there afterwards
^-^. I am resting from the occult still I think it messed with my beliefs as koetting said and can potentaly make me insane I sence it so I am resting now.

I want to ask you about working with different spirits than angels and demons which are the most tangible I need some kick the wooow moment the undeniable moment. Found out that Enochian Angels and Necronomicon can do this and Vodoun but Vodoun is too binding. Still cannot sence anything I heard one man explaining that some humans cannot its in their chart.

But I dont know Atleast I know that when I call them some come I am certain.
Also I came to dislike this world it is too cruel the suffering faaar outweights the pleasure. The whole programing is Cruel the whole Nature you cannot escape it.
We live in War allways It is not fun when you implement elements such as loved ones and love. We like war in vedeogames but those elements are not there.
This Universe is just too cruel as are ALL the GODS. What is the point of it it like you strive to survive and you wind up dead anyways what a joke :smiley: you suffer your whole life few pleasures and you die if you change body you still suffer. Are there better realms than this one?

After you put into consideration No Heaven No Hell
All Gods are Cruel so called God King Demons ALL Odin All the Big ones
They all got their share of Human and Baby sacrifices which again is implementet in this cruel energy sistem as we humans kill to stay alive. It is a viscious cycle I cannot see what is the point and what Dumbass made it this way where is the Fun.
I have no Idea who my friends are in this game Everyone gives and takes not to Mention the Demon Kings All of Balg portraits them like Saints :grinning: like pure wool I have no Idea what they think of us what if when they come they takeover the world and kill us all I call them but who knows I cannot trust them 100% I try but inside Its like playing with fire :smiley: they are powerfull highly inteligent extraterestial beings. I dont know and the so called Angels are soo misterious nobody asked who they are since the Bible is wrong. For Michael I heard he is Mars and Nergal but I dont know. The way I see it things on earth are only gona get worse If someone here knows what the goeal of the game is please share.