Interesting question for those using scrying mirrors

Have any of you noticed after gazing and making a sigil flash or calling an entity, your head would kinda moves slowly towards the mirror by itself? It’s as if the spirit is already in the mirror trying to get your attention by very gently moving your head like “Hey you can look in the mirror now. I’m here”.

Has this hapopened to some of you?

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Yes. Like when I’m looking at one of those Magic Eye things. My eyes get big and I lean in.


Exactly the same happens to me. I tend to use my smartphone as a mirror and it works wonders.


Me too. I photoshop the sigil to be dark red on black or perhaps yellow on black. Or I use a sigil generator app.

And since my main hypnotic induction is musical and the vast majority of my occult library is electronic… It’s like I’m carrying a temple in my pocket.


Actually I’m making a grimoire with all my knowledge regarding technological usage in magick. Will release as a e grimoire probably.



I don’t consider myself a technomage but my day job is in IT so a lot of it ends up being on my technology.

I’ve been thinking of doing an occult iOS app of some sort as a project to learn Swift. Maybe I’ll do a Goetia app.

Cant’ wait