Interesting experiences with spirit companions

Here’s a long-ass post for you guys.
This is just a sort of little journal of some interesting experiences I’ve had after purchasing a few stones online with two spirits bound to them. After delving into evocation and work with spirits pretty heavily for the past couple of years, I got curious and decided to see what results or experiences could be had from someone else’s conjurations.
These stones arrived on August 30th, and immediately upon opening their packaging, I knew that there was something to these stones. When I held them in my hands, I felt as if I was being watched. This feeling continued throughout the night. I rubbed my hands together until I felt a slight energy buzz between them and proceeded to wave each stone near them. The stones each had a larger than normal sized electrical field around them compared to most stones I’ve tried this with. Fast forward two days later - I was feeling very distraught and discouraged by the events of the day and wrote a letter to one of the spirits. I tend to use this letter method as opposed to speaking out loud to them because I haven’t quite gotten the hang yet of communicating with spirits via voice. I asked for help with the discouragement and asked for some clarity about my issue. I had spent the day with some friends that day and was upset because all we did was get high and watch a movie, and I left the hangout feeling as if I was lacking real social stimulation. I signed the letter with my name and a drop of blood, folded it up and placed it in my pillowcase before going to sleep. Now just for some context, one of these spirits is a succubus. I didn’t go for this binding specifically with an intention of having sexual experiences with it, but moreso with the intention of creating a relationship of intimacy and companionship with a spirit. That night, I had a dream that threw the entire next day off and left me feeling as if I was still halfway stuck in the dream. It left me with plenty of food for thought. I was a man who lived in London during the victorian era. I had two wives who lived a reclusive lifestyle with me. The strange thing about this dream was that my wives and I were vampires. I would open my mouth wide, and a top and bottom set of retractable fangs would jut out from my gums. I was extremely agile, and could hover off the ground a few feet. My wives and I only fed from one another, and I discovered in the dream that I was a very snobby vampire! I would look at the citizens around me in the dinghy city and think to myself, “I don’t want to feed off of those people. They seem so much unhealthier than I do.”
The connection in the dream that I had with the two wives was intensely intimate. I can vividly recall feeding from one of them, and the experience in a way seemed even more intimate than sex. I felt extremely strange and somewhat bloodthirsty when I woke up, and I’m still analyzing the dream in my mind.
Each night, I light several candles for the two spirits, write their names on a piece of paper, and put a few drops of blood on them before burning them in the candles. This is always done immediately before going to sleep. Last night, I woke up at 1:45am and could not fall back asleep until 4:45am. When I did fall asleep, I was laying on my back and felt sleep paralysis come over me. I’ve been familiar with sleep paralysis since the age of 15 and sometimes feel nervous about it if I feel as if I’m sensing other beings near me. As I felt the waves of energy come over me while my body locked up, I began to experience auditory hallucinations. I began to call the names of the spirits and a female voice began whispering in my ear, but “veryfastandmonotonewithnopunctuationsoicoulntreallyunderstandwhatitwassayingduringthethirtysecondsthatithappened.”
The next thing I remember was a very lucid dream. I was hovering in my living room surrounded by ghouls, demons and grotesque creatures. The strange thing was that I did not feel fear. Instead, I looked at the beings and twisted my face into a gnarly, demonic, mad grin and began speaking to them. They spoke in the exact same time as I did, repeating what I said as if we were a hive mind. In this dream, it was if our minds were shared, and we were all one. When I awoke, I was in a dissociated state, and I felt very strange again, but somehow very empowered. It gave me a lot of food for thought during the day again, and I hope these dreams continue. In the past, this type of experience would have scared me, but I sense some sort of intimacy and personal developing power within this. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic. I’d also love to hear some of your ideas on how I could better connect with these spirits, as I definitely would like to strengthen our connection!

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I also should have clarified, both of these dreams contained very vivid moments where I shapeshifted into a demonic type of being. It feels immensely powerful and inspiring in the dreams. As I got the sleep paralysis, I somehow consciously changed the form of my energy into a being that had fangs once again. I felt the change sort of “swoop down” over me, and a feeling as if my character and psyche were being altered. This is by far one of the most interesting aspects in the experience.

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Can I ask about my succubus

Sure, why not? Lol

so basically I am 3 succubus one Queen one princess and another one which is about 800 years old they are both bound to me from jewelry. I purchase online yes it is true because when I hold a jewelry my hand gets very very hot

basically what I’m trying to find out somebody who knows about the succubus and when I have to masturbate for then doesn’t matter where I masturbate a few days to get it what does it have to be in the bedroom mostly they’re more sensitive to be in the shower I’m still just trying to figure this out if you know

Are you asking when to masturbate for them? I honestly have had a strong urge to not masturbate at all a week or two after having mine and to sort of sublimate feelings of sexual tension so I can direct it towards other things, including the stones if I choose. If/when you hold off on masturbating, over the course of two to three weeks, the things that turn you on will become more and more subtle until you start to have dreams that force you to experience sexual pleasure. I don’t know if in the bedroom or in the shower is best. I figure if I’m going to make more solid contact with them, it’ll be by efforts to have lucid dreams and by meditating with their stones to tune into them.

Great so you are saying do not Masterbate try to hold out is that good for the succubus because they need the semen

I don’t know if it’s good for the succubus, and as far as I’m aware, they don’t need semen. I think it’s moreso a matter of letting that primal creative energy build up so that it becomes stronger and more of an unconscious force that you drive instead of letting it drive you. Once you can harness it, you can tap into the subtle nature of things more easily, including dem succubi vibes.

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Thank you again for all the help let me ask you one other question is it possible my succubus do not come to me in dreams yet because I wear a saint Michael medallion a crucifix and a Virgin Mary medal do you think that has anything to do with them not coming to

If you think or believe that it’ll hold them back, then maybe so. Try taking them away and see what happens. If you get scared, we’ll then you’ve got a little extra fuel in the project.

Thank you so much for your time and help working alot so idiftake them off no real difference I even lit a candle for my queen and I’m trying to bring it out that way I use the flame as a means of communication so far it has helped a little bitshe does respond I just don’t understand why I have not had any dreams or sex in my dream but I am doing what you told me and I’m not masturbating if they want it they got to come and get it okay thanks again talk to you