Interesting experience the other night

So anyway the other night I found myself in my old house, which is odd because that house no longer exists, but it was as I remember it. then coming out of the shadows I saw a small figure, I recognized to be a grey alien, in stunning realisitic detail as if this were a real physical scene. I knew that this guy was my freind, but he rarely ever shows himself to me this way. so I went over to greet him but regrettfully that whole experience ended then and there. After that I found myself in the kitchen of my current home and somehow brought up the topic of the demonic kings with someone who looked like my mom. She said something about how the demonic kings were a energetic part of maya and I didn’t really get what she was saying. Then today I saw EA’s news letter which seemed to go into whatever it was she was trying to tell me in more detail. So overal that was pretty damn interesting.

Demonic kings are an energetic part of maya? Huh? Maya is supposed to be an illusion, right? It makes no sense at all.

yeah that’s what I thought too, but it will make sense if you read the newsletter. Another thing I remembered is later I had a dream that I was living at the house from the cartoon “fosters home for imaginary freinds” with a bunch of imaginary freinds, but in the dream I was also an imaginary freind, so that’s something to think about there.

“Maya” and “illusion” are not precise analogues - but English doesn’t really have a word for the concept of maya, so that’s where we start. Consciousness is fluid, so there is more to reality than the physical world suggests. Getting caught up in the merely physical is maya - this is not to say that the real world doesn’t exist, it just isn’t the sum total of existence.

Edit: Also, the concept goes even much deeper than that. For a primer -

I was asking the same kind of questions just last night… EA has impeccable timing lol

Have you read the Book of Azazel? E.A. elaborates that the purpose of the demonic kingdom is to push the aspects of duality which in itself is an illusion. So it makes sense that the demonic kings are the driving force of Maya furthering the illusion that the physical world is separate from the other planes of existence. When we start breaking down these preconceived notions we find that there is much more than meets the eye and that the entities we call are closer than we think.