Interesting Dream last night


So, last night before I went to bed I was re-reading Evoking Eternity. I read all about the different angels and demons EA lists, looking at the sigils, reading about their attributes, etc… Well, that lead to one intense dream. There was someone like a teacher that was going through each individual angel and demon with me, going into great detail about them. Anyway, this was some hard core info that was being given, and seemed to go on for hours. What was really crazy was when we got to Samael I was actually shown him. I wasnt shown any of the others. He came toward me out of shadow, and his face shocked me awake. It is hard to explain, he was pale, with dark circles under his eyes, and his face wasnt quite symmetrical… hard to explain, but kinda creepy. He wasnt aggressive or anything, but the appearance just scared me and I woke up immediately. In my half asleep state I thought why the heck would an angel look like death, then I fell back asleep and continued my “study” so to speak. It was only after I awoke that I remembered Samael is from the Qliphoth. Anyway, I was just interested what you guys make of this. Have any of you had experience working with Samael? I had actually posted a thread about finding the correct entity to work with on the matter of collecting some money that is owed to me, so this dream was interesting to me. Thoughts?


I’d say this could be the answer to your quetion in your other post.


I agree! Guidance from these Beings is frequently delivered in dreams - especially on subjects that are intensely emotional for you.

And I have worked with Samael - He is very intense, as is Metatron, and wholly enthusiastic toward the task at hand. He doesn’t normally offer that appearance, though! My guess is he was reflecting to you what your emotions about the issue look like to him … hollow-eyed, out of balance & sad.

If you select Samael, you won’t be disappointed! :wink: Z


I am actually going through all my grimoires now searching for more info on him. Im not finding anything too helpful at the moment… I have too many books! Anyone know of a grimoire that might have some decent info on him?


The internet is full of info on Samael … but in my experience, NOTHING beats direct contact. The generalizations & personal experiences of others cannot do more than encourage or inspire you to action. You can only get the personal attention, guidance and highest results from direct contact .

Just think deeply of Samael, and fill yourself up with your desire for his assistance & resolution in this matter and he will come to you …


You’re right Zoe, I often let my brain get in the way. Sometimes I guess it is probably best just to go right to the source. I am going to contact Samael tonight, and I will update you all with the results :wink: Thanks for your help!


Just wanted to update. I did not end up evoking Samael last night, as I was doing evocation for Friends with Benefits instead. I am just going to focus on the group right now, and when my name comes up on the list I will work on me. It is good practice for me anyway :wink: