Interesting Coincidence? (Necronomicon)

In deciding to align myself with the unlimited power within myself and start taking steps forward I have recently thrown myself back into rigorous study and review of books on practical spirituality. I picked up the ebooks that comprise E.A.'s Complete Works. (By the way if anyone who is authorized can pm me the OAA material I would be grateful).

A few days ago I proceeded to order a several other books to add to my collection. Some that were recommended by people here, one that was referenced frequently by E.A. throughout his tomes.

Early on in my career as a dabbler I had a copy of Simon’s Necronomicon, and although I read it with extreme interest and fascination, I did not follow through with any of the workings, being guided by my mentors at the time to stay away from it. A few days after my first book order I decided to pick up all extant works of the Simon edition of the Necronomicon, to prepare for working through the Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence Course after I finish the Mastering Divination: Omniscience Course, and be able to fully immerse myself in preparatory immersion.

Today I went to check on the shipping status of my orders. It appears that the first shipment has been delayed by a powerful storm that has shut down shipping, and the Necronomicon materials may be arriving first even though I ordered them days later.

I’d say a god of death is interested in making sure you know about it. And I’m getting that storm too. It’ll be a hell of a thing.

I had got that book from Barnes and Nobles but felt weird vibes from it. I skimmed through it but did nothing else. I have to go revisit it after reading this

It’s one of the fun things about that book. The odd feelings and strange stories and coincidences related to it add to the subjective synthesis. I think this particular grimoire benefits from contemporary odd tales as it ties in with its dubious history and yet powerful results many obtain with it.

Received my Necronomicon collection today. Jupiter was all over the news yesterday as I waited for them to arrive. I took it as another strong omen.

When I felt ready to begin, I proceeded to close my door, and laid out my Universal Circle. I set the texts inside the circle, and then stepped within to join them within that nexion.

I started to whisper the incantation… ‘Alash tad alash tal ashtu’

I closed my eyes and felt an eerie sense of power begin to coalesce within and around me as I continued to softly chant the demonic script.

I knelt down and placed my left hand upon each tome, one by one, reciting the incantation anew.

Thus started my preparatory immersion for the Necronomicon.