Interesting Argument About The Ica Stones (for you History Buffs)

You may have heard of the supposed Ica stones hoax before but this guy has an interesting article on it and he seems to share some of my opinions on this.

What I find odd is that no one has gone to too much trouble to do any real in depth research on the stones that were supposedly found several hundred years ago, they only seem to be focusing on the stones that were admitted to be an elaborate hoax.

But we know, if there was some truth in any of this, even just a tiny amount the government would go to great lengths to have it immediately covered up and hidden away because the last thing they want is for people to prove that Christianity is an elaborate lie to keep people controlled.

So it seems odd to me that no sooner than this information surfaced (about the stones) it immediately disappeared and was labeled a hoax, a prank, yet no one ever did any extensive research or even made mention of it. All they spoke of was proving the stones from the more recent years to be fakes made by a family for profit from tourists, but read what this guy has to say about that.

And if the earlier stones that no one even seems to want to show us really did exist, having images hand carved by humans depicting dinosaurs eating human beings and other crazy stuff then it would be that humans did exist during the prehistoric times, did exist when dinosaurs existed, which would prove the bible to be wrong since dinosaurs were supposedly extinct long before god created us.

I just love articles like this, it really gets you in thinking mode. And if you have a nasty opinion, keep it to yourself cuz I don’t wanna hear it. This topic is for those who have a neutral mind and are simply fascinated by history and supposed myths.

There are a lot of genuine cave paintings showing what appear to be beings wearing helmets and similar “spacemen” type stuff, here are a few:

Australia: (bear in mind that Aboriginal oral history is proving to be remarkably accurate about migrations, climatic changes, etc);



Those top 2 sites have their own agenda (Ancient Origins tends to not force-feed conclusions and is usually quite well referenced), BUT, the reality of those cave paintings can be seen on a range on regular sites, including Wikipedia and UNESCO, with less detail shown, so they’re very definitely NOT fakes.

Someone off topic but I want to mention this as it kinda sounds cool. I read a seperate article where it was found that Easter Islands Stone heads when excavated beneath then were stone Bodies.

So anyway as far as Christianity goes. Perhaps a different approach. Human Beings are naturally curious by nature and love mysteries. Perhaps magick to help redirect their attention away from Christianity and to seek out certain elements. I already devised my own spells in the past few years for that but its on the backburner at the moment. Just ride the tides of the Change in Todays world and also use that as Momentum to empower your magick. The Christians are trying to do this very thing once again with the economy, because in hard times the Churches are where people go for Assistance and group support.

Just found this, it’s neat if you like the idea that some of the aliens who edited proto-human/primate DNA were reptilians:

[b][url=]Tiny handprints in Stone Age shelter were NOT human: 8,000-year-old ‘baby’ stencils in Cave of Beasts were created by lizards[/url][/b]

● Amateur explorers stumbled across the Egyptian cave in 2002
● Found 13 prints they believed were created by the hands of human babies
● New study has found hands are too small and fingers too long to be human
● Hunters may have held up lizards to make prints - but it is not known why

A study of 13 tiny hand imprints in a Saharan cave have revealed that they are not human.

Amateur explorers stumbled across the ‘Cave of Beasts’ in 2002, in the vast, empty desert near Egypt’s southwest border with Libya.

The cave, which is also known as Wadi Sura II, includes 5,000 images that were painted or engraved into stone around 8,000 years ago.

Among the images are what were believed to be stencilled hands and feet of children – but new research now claims they may have been created by lizards.

Anthropologist Emmanuelle Honoré of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research said she was stunned when she saw the shape of the small prints.

‘They were much smaller than human baby hands, and the fingers were too long,’ she told National Geographic.

Honoré compared measurements taken from the hand outlines in the cave with those taken from the hands of newborn human infants of around 37 to 41 weeks old.

She also included measurements taken from newborn premature babies that were 26 to 36 weeks old.

Honoré discovered that there is an ‘extremely low probability’ that the hands in the Cave of the Beasts were human.

Instead, she believe they may have been created by the forelegs of desert monitor lizards or, possibly, the feet of young crocodiles.

If her analysis is correct, then this is the first time such animal imprints have been discovered in the Sahara desert.

‘[This raises new perspectives for understanding the rock art at Wadi Sūra, and the behaviour and symbolic universe of the populations who made it,’ she writes in her study, published in the journal Archaeological Science

The ‘Cave of Beasts’ is 6 miles (10 km) from the ‘Cave of the Swimmers’, but with far more, and better preserved, images.

The Eastern Sahara, a region the size of Western Europe that extends from Egypt into Libya, Sudan and Chad, is the world’s largest warm, dry desert.

Rainfall in the desert’s centre averages less than 2 millimetres a year, but the region was once much less arid.

About 8500 BC, seasonal rainfall appeared in the region, attracting hunter-gatherers.

By 5300 BC, the rains had stopped and human settlements receded to highland areas. By 3500 BC, the settlements disappeared entirely.

The mass exodus corresponds with the rise of sedentary life along the Nile that later blossomed into pharaonic civilisation that dominated the region for thousands of years.

It is believed hunter gathers held up the creatures to make the prints, many of which were found alongside adult sized human hand stencils.

But according to the National Geographic, Honoré is reluctant to speculate on why such a civilisation would imprint the legs of animals on their cave walls.

‘It’s very challenging for us as researchers to interpret these paintings since we have a culture that’s totally different [from the one that created it],’ she said.

Source (with lots of good photos btw) -

So this is suggesting that along with taking prints of their own hands, a very symbolic thing in a pre-selfie age where what you could DO mattered more than how you looked, these dudes were holding up the resident lizards, and taking prints of THEIR “hands”…

One would think they’d hold up the hearts, severed heads, or horns of prey animals, if they just wanted stone age trophy art, so I find this quite intriguing, and the photos on that page show how they aligned the possibly lizardy forepaws with their own hands.

I saw a documentary on that, that underneath the giant Easter Island heads were entire bodies that had just been covered up over the years by the natural weather events. So those used to be entire body statues. I have also seen documentaries on the men with space helmets. Good food for thought.

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Just found this, it’s neat if you like the idea that some of the aliens who edited proto-human/primate DNA were reptilians:

[quote]Tiny handprints in Stone Age shelter were NOT human: 8,000-year-old ‘baby’ stencils in Cave of Beasts were created by lizards

I have a theory that this is a ritual done by each person as a sort of bonding with the energy and attributes of the animal. something that probably became a seasonal tradition that this culture would partake in.