Interested in Seere

Hi my name is Melissa and I’m very new to everything. I have always been drawn to the craft and recently started learning everything I can but I have become interested in the goetia very recently.
I felt drawn to Dantalian and was interested in his help but was told Seere is better to start with. I drew his sigil last night after leaving A small offering of alcohol and chocolate. I chanted while focusing on his sigil. I had a blue and green candle lit and had a petition. I meditated which I’m still practicing and chanted then politely talked to him , read my petition. Thanked him and finished. I couldn’t tell if he was present but I hope to build a relationship. Any tips or tricks?


Try to open his sigil and talk as much as you can. Even though you can’t hear him he’ll definitely hear you. Make offerings if you can also.

Thank you. I’m going to focus on him and talk to him daily and hopefully we can build a relationship:)

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