Interested In making contact with a demon

I assume this has been talked about before, but I’m interested in making contact with demons, mostly to ask questions and have conversations. I’d like to know what kind of demons I should contact first, and what the risks are with it.


I’d say there are no demons "to begin with":grinning:
They all have something to teach.
What good would it do to you if someone recommends a random demon and you later discover it wasn’t the one for you?
What I’m trying to say is that you must choose according to your own intuition and gut.
If you hear a demon’s name and it immediately clicks in your mind ,then chances are you two resonate.

But just for the sake of not being that annoying asshole who replies on a post with “no answer” , I’d say King Paimon, Lucifer , Belial.


@Mystic-Void I think you gave them a pretty good answer to be honest. I also believe there are no “demons for beginners in evocation/invocation”.
Lemme just add that you don’t have to contact demons. Any spirit would do if you’re only after communication :slightly_smiling_face:


Also…although there may be risks with contacting demons, there are also risks with contacting any other type of spirit as well, so to speak…not just demons.


Some of the risks would be that these beings will affect changes in your life in a way(s) that you didn’t foresee, which may be extremely uncomfortable for you. It’s like ‘tough love’ times a hundred. Also, be as respectful as you can with them.


The best thing to do is find your gaurdian start with them fist people say you can start where ever but if you start there and aren’t open to hear them then you will be able to speak clearly to them and hear their answers

Also respect and fearless Ness will get you along way I wouldn’t say kind paimon unless your after advice or want change in your life he isn’t one to sit and listen to one complain you know best to find your gaurdian as I said first then go from there they can make changes to your life but good change

They may put you in situation that are uncomfortable to help you through something they may take you down paths you never thought you would be on…

Don’t let anything we say scare you cause in reality it’s not scary at all the risk are good risks unless you have no respect then that is a bad thing or it you don’t bow it’s also a bad thing and some times things can get chaotic but can resolve faster then if you aren’t with them so yeah ok now I’m rambling