Intense spiritual activity from September to January

Since I’ve turned twenty years old six years ago, there’s been a period of spiritual activity; it always takes place from September to January.

Here’s a list of what happens

  • I see white “whisps”, almost like steam when there shouldn’t be
  • My bed starts shaking at random or I feel pressure like someone is sitting on it
  • Objects start moving without me touching them.
  • I get pulled from behind or something attempts to pull my arm
  • I hear footsteps and tapping noises in my room
  • Shadows outside my window completely change shape when I blink.
  • I see shadow people on occasion.
  • Yesterday, I saw a being of light right behind me
  • On January specifically, I get sick.
  • I USED to wake up in the middle of the night sensing something else in the room and being so terrified that I refused to move; however, these are exceptionally rare now.

I’m 90% sure it’s poltergeist activity, but it keeps coming back after cleansing. It also only haunts within this time frame. I’ve tried contacting these entities, but they don’t seem to want to respond.

Another thing I want to mention: I’ve moved around a bit, so it’s not the location in question.

Again, it could be poltergeist activity, but why would it occur from the months of September to January? What should I do about it?

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I forgot to mention that my pets also go crazy and I get particularly moody during November.

Also, I know people say “use your intuition”, but I try not to be over-reliant on it because it’s been wrong in the past.

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