Intense sigil experience

So I’m going through a tough romantic situation right now and was Looking on the forums at sigils. I made a post about drawing sigils (horrible at drawing) but eventually decided to go for it.

Something kept pulling me back to Belial and I decided to draw his sigil and say his enn. I put it under my pillow and went to sleep. What was interesting as I was drifting off to sleep, I started feeling like I was floating and there was a shaggy black haired man with a trench coat who appeared in front of me. I started telling him what I wanted help with and then the rest I don’t remember.

I woke up with the best sleep I’ve had in weeks. Then I went back to sleep for a bit (like 30 minutes or so). There was a bunch of noise outside so I turned on this music that blocks it out. Normally listening to rain helps but then this figure appeared again and it was in the middle of the rain. He had a sour energy and was like “I hate the rain. I don’t like water.” So I switched the white noise machine to a crackling fire. I heard a “that’s better.”

I started drifting off and this time was able to tell him a bit more about what I wanted. Although I kept trying not to bow, I kept doing it anyway and he was rolling his eyes. I was unusually indecisive and beating around the bush about what I really wanted. He was annoyed but stuck around.

What I want is a mixture of revenge, domination, control and reconciliation. Once I came out and said that, the spirit relaxed a lot more. I fell back asleep and then now, being up, every time I think of my target there’s a sense of avoidance. Like I don’t want to be bothered with the situation, I don’t want to deal with his energy, don’t want to be brought down etc. also interesting is i feel that way about any of my love interests right now, past or present. Like I think of them and the thoughts are being pushed away- don’t wanna think of them, makes me ill.

I pushed through that and told him in full detail what I wanted. He said “it is done.” Half turned away to the right and I could see it’s like a type of subway environment. Floated above me and reached down, pulled out my heart and then pushed me back down and I was in the bed again. I could’ve sworn I heard him say “payment” or something like that but I’m not sure.

Then I woke up, naturally and feeling lighter and confident. Took the sigil from under my pillow. Closed my eyes, the spirit vanished in a puff of smoke.

Laid my head back down for the sleep (I’m still not getting lol) and I straight up asked him what do you mean and he said “I’ve got this”. Then I tried to ask another question and he was like “ssh I’m working”, but I got the feeling it wasn’t on my situation lol.

Then I said ok. And he said 66. And kept pushing at me to write down 66. Told him I’m trying to do it when I wake up and he said no, do it now. So I did.

Interestingly enough, this spirit highly approves of me seeing the Joker today. :joy: breathe into me by evanescence is the song that I’m being sent for whatever reason.

Then the spirit took me to a clearing like a fire and I watched what I wanted to the targets fighting Iike I wanted. Then he enveloped me from behind with his arms and kissed my forehead as I watched the destruction of this aspect of the targets life play out in front of me above the fire. The fire was like a campfire and it was all happening like it was a filmed movie in thin air. When he kissed my forehead it felt like a lover and he said tell them about us, repeatedly and insistently and I know he was talking about this forum!

Then he took me somewhere like a setting out of a medieval knights table and called all these spirits: andras, asmodeous, hektor came in like a swirling tornado, Hathor sprouted fire and he reprimanded him for burning up the image. Belezebub and I think a spirit called mordeis or moredeuis? Not sure how to pronounce it? Belezebub kept coming back in and out of the room sneaking off to the right corner and was hunched over like some type of goblin. I have no familiarity with any of them but I felt like they were knights out to protect and defend me. And the spirit, who I think was belial commanded them.

Then I woke up.

So not sure if that was Belial or another spirit? Definitely an interesting and intense first sigil experience!

Any thoughts on what this all might mean?


This is a fantastic experience! Lilith has been putting evanescence in my head like CRAZY and it’s out of my norm lol, it sounds like him - very commanding but tolerant at the same time. Let us know what happens next time too! :grin:

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Thank you! I will!

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