Intense Magickal experiences

Hello fellow witches and magi,
i would like to know what i could do to create intense experiences in magick or what paths/practices provide intense experiences. As i am somewhat of a daredevil i would like to up my magick a bit. I want it to blow my mind, to leave memories that will last forever. Currently i am fishing in shallow water regarding magick: doing evocations with not much happening, spells created by myself and thats it for the most part, i want to start out on new magick practices and i am uncertain which. When i compare my experiences to what i find on this forum i am pretty disappointed (regarding evocations and other rituals with entities). I know there is way more possible and i want it.
what are your thoughts on this? are there practices/paths you can recommend me?

Work on your deep trance. Deep trance states are very intense.

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I’d say spirit work because it has been one of the most effective ones for me. And the right way to do it in my opinion is not to follow some obscure ritual down to every detail but rather learn about the spirit and make emotional and intellectual connection with them within yourself. If it’s meaningful enough they usually just take what you experienced about them in relation to them in your thoughts and nurture it on their own.

Practice breathwork and visualisation.
Also practicing with a multiple steps ritual helps get you in the ‘state’ where everything unfolds . Incense helps also with getting into the state of trance you need.

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I found that qliphotic pathworking is known to be quite intense but the problem is that the transformation part would make me end up somewhere where i dont want to be at the moment. i would love to do it for the intense experience and upheaval in life but i dont want to change as a person. is there a way how i could do it without changing as a person? or are there ritual workings that would offer me that? i just want extreme without transformation