Intense Magick Success Stories and Suggestions Needed

Hey, everyone so I finally got my backhoe sold today and my workplace bought it from me. I have been trying to sell this for 9 months now and I have used so many different types of magick it was exhausting. I needed to get this sold to complete the purchase of a retail space that I will be using for an occult store. However, also today I learnt that the owners received a cash offer for the property BUT that this cash offer still has a 90 day close. It doesn’t sound like a cash offer to me. The callousness of the owners was a slap in the face because they knew I had been doing my utmost best to find the remainder. It also crossed my mind if my workplace or someone at my workplace went behind my back and made an offer on the property.

Although I have been crying today over this I have not thrown in the towel yet. If anyone knows anything surefire I can do to ensure that I will become the owner of this property please let me know.

Oh yes I should mention that I made a hoodoo/voodoo kerosene oil lamp I placed some of my hair, a statement affirming that my workplace bought the backhoe, coins then I used green food coloring to color the kerosene oil. I then placed the lamp on top of 33x3 statements again stating that my workplace bought it. Learnt about the 33x3 here from @John_Wick

I feel the 33x3 and the kerosene lamp really gave everything an oomph and caused this sale.

I would like to thank everyone and every spirit below for helping me to sell my backhoe:







Anuel and Andras

Menakel and Cimeries

Chavuiah and Belial

Poiel and Gemory

Mikael and Vepar

Keliel and Bathin






Ben Woodcroft

Henry Archer

Joel King

Embrosewyn Tazkuvel

Adam Blackthorne

Jason Newcomb


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Mot idea wat is a backhoe,? And u want tat propriety for u,? I will look around. I tnk i have a spell but it make the property hauntend wjit a egg, and then u take off egg, and done. Not sure if want tat but i lyk asap. Or a wish spirt but i Search around.

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Pm. Later to send u spell. Its a wish evocation. Will take parts,

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