Intense Experience with Satan

Today at 1 am, Satan was calling me to talk to him… I have summoned him, used one black candle and reversed pentacle. I played meditation for Satan, I got very quickly into trance and in front of me appeared visible eye(Satan) , waiting for me to speak out. I told him everything I had on mind and ended the ritual. I woke same morning at cca 5:30 am, and heard whispers telling over and over again my name and to wake up. I looked to the door and saw very clear shape of man, siluete was blue. I was watching it for few minutes and it was still there, moving a bit. Once I started to fear it, it told me not to be afraid : Its me, Satan he said. I don’t remember more… After those few minutes I fell asleep, but I havent felt fear, which is strange to me, because I would always fear in such situations… What do you think??