INTENSE _ Evocation Of The Nine Demonic Kings and The Infernal Emperor


So recently I just performed a powerful evocation, I sat in the circle called on the four demonic gatekeepers. I opened nine sigils of the demonic kings, I had long liturgical summoning incantations for each demonic king.

All nine kings rouse around me, I began circumambulation both clockwise and counterclockwise, performing each enn of the nine kings.

The incense smoke thickened and spun around the circle. The faces of the king’s manifested in the smoke, I began vibrating their names their forms began solidifying.

Outside of the circle was the ram skull vessel, which Lucifer is housed in, as the nine kings rose around me.

I looked towards the vessel, the skull itself began shifting from bone to scales, from matter to energy, from light to dark.

I began reciting Lucifer’s enn, while performing secretive postures and incantations given to me by the king’s.

Lucifer rose from his vessel slowly building his form. I stated out loud " Lucifer Infernal Emperor Your Kings, Await Their Emperor Rise So The Infernal Council May Be Complete ".

We then began performing a ritual all of us together in unison, I cannot reveal the ritual at all.
However the intensity of the nine kings and the emperor, produced a environment with overwhelming energy and power.

My body began vibrating, pins and needles started, the room began spinning, I lost all balance. I began sweating and used a belt to lash myself as dedication and in order to use my pain to fuel the manifestation of the spirits present.

The intensity of the presence of the Infernal Council, I literally passed out.
As I awoke I was lying in my own drool and vomit, I rose up once again.
I continued my ritual and the power and energy was so amazing and out of this world.

The smoke stopped, the flames of the candles extinguished, the power of the king’s and the emperor was given unto me.

The sensations in the ritual, were beyond words, seeing all reality was obliterated and the infernal council brought hell into this world.