Integrating the (real) Cosmic Superhero(ine)

Hi there…for those of you that dreamed you ever could really be a superhero(ine)

I have good news for you - You as multidimensional beings exist, as you may know of multiple bodies…; one of these bodies which you can integrate here and now, a crystaline body, has all of the cosmic superpowers you can dream of…

If you had hoped to walk this world with full on skills (including ass-kicking, yes!)

How do I know that…?

When I was 18, I got initiated into it, embodying this body,
and for a short moment, I realized that I was -yes- physically immortal,
my mind was open to the cosmos in a stable way, fully supported by the Self,
being a master over both the + and - polarity, being right in the middle through the heart-chakra…
literally, a Cosmic Master, then I was lead to a book called “Life and teachings of the masters of the far east” - it’s god-like to combine with ceremonial magick…

It’s a book about people living in this Mastership state of being, roaming the earth, physically,
being able to levitate, teleport, shape-shift, instantly create objects, have mastered the 4 elements (walk through fire unharmed, walk over water, are physically immortal, are perfect in telepathy, can freely roam the cosmos at will, are master over time and space… - the book is practical, scientific, and has a real life-experienced story to it - from the perspective of that level of mastery - which is exquisite! - the beings therein have evolved to even higher states of consciousness than in the book, right now, yet are still available to have ceremonial magick sessions/empowerment with… If you’re looking for a phenomenal mainframe for path-working…seriously…the information therein is…
genuinely powerful…

p.s. and it also involves self-defence/defending others, legit ass-kicking, for those who wonder about that part too indeed… it’s all therein…;

(I myself do work with both polarities and both the solomonic as universal circle - I would definately recommend them)
E.A.'s courses Mastering evocation/divination/soul-travel are some that I can also recommend for this- I can’t speak of the others yet as I still need to acquire them - but it’s wise to master both polarities…

I might create a pathworking for that myself at some point…;


Thanks, I came across the book several years ago but didn’t know it was this good as per your review. I will surely check it out.

bought volume 1

hopefully it will be a great help to my cause

I also since i was a kid, i truly believe in multi dimensional beings, i think i work out flying part, okay so i think i is a form of levitation, by elevation of own body, like a force coming from with, taking baby steps, usually done on your back, what about lying on your gut, and try levitation that way, a form of force pushing from within against gravity, then if can start doing that constantly, that while levitating, try to use a force from within coming out of your feet by try to create a strong enough force coming from out of your feet while your in freestyle swimming position by keeping good posture by keeping head up, and arm out front, keeping a right balance of force pushing down against Earth to montaining enough force to regulting how low or how high up the Earths atmosphere while also using force pushing you forward, creating a momentum of moving forward, if the energy force to lifting yourself off the ground, why cant use that same force to propel yourself forward by using a kinetic force from within to moving forward, start doing it in your own home for occupation health and safety, so get use to control how high can levitation, to provent crashes, a slowly moving forward at low speed before going outside a travel at high speed, like they say satisticaly flying is the safest way to travel, also purification of mind cleansing.