Instructions for evocation

I need to learn how to evocate a spirit that would be willing to change my voice or give me the ability to sing well. I have searched how to evocate Orobas, but all the information I have found is misleading. So could someone please give me instructions on how to aproach him or any spirit that would be willing to make my wish come true?

First, please introduce yourself in this thread:

I see from your profile that you joined us on February 3 but haven’t done so. It is one of the few rules of the forum

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Im sorry, of course I’ll Introduce my self. I’m a 21 year old student in Industrial Engineering/Musician, have always been fascinated by the ocult, just recently decided that im willing to work with spirits, I love music and I have a band with my best friend, we are in need of a Singer in our band, but we don’t really want to get more people in the band, and since I been writing my music, I started having this desire of being able to sing it my self.

Dude, not in this thread. Intros in the thread I linked.


while that part gets figured out, here’s the go to link to get you started


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Sorry about the mistake again, I’ll re introduce myself properly. Thanks a bunch for the link.

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