Instantly Recalled Every Dream I've Ever Had & It Lead Me To Clues

Because of the changes I’m going thru right now due to the pathworking I am undertaking last night after I began to feel like I had been bitten by that venomous astral snake, I went into a light trance and began to recall what felt like every single dream I have ever had in the last 15 years, one right after another!

Normally, I struggle to keep a dream fresh in my mind upon awakening but I sat there for almost 3 hours remembering these dreams and the places I visit. I discovered that not only do I dream of the same 30 places over and over again but these places are all connected like a giant map.

I am literally seeing my local area and far beyond it, as well as every town and city I have ever lived in since I was a child in these dreams but they are slightly different. Like visiting a mirror realm in the astral plane that resembles where I live and have lived in the past, and each time I dream I only dream of a small portion on that map, I never travel the entire thing at once, each dream is isolated to just a small area, but always the same 30 or so different areas every time I dream.

Also discovered a recurrent pattern, certain objects that appear in all or most of my dreams.

Railroad tracks
Subway and transport trains & tracks
Never ending winding road systems

And these things all connect back to the same areas. It was like visualizing a video game in my mind where I was navigating thru this world and discovered oh yeah, this one place in my dream connects to that other town that I dream of sometimes and that town connects to those woods that I get lost in sometimes and those woods connects to… and so on.

Also noticed never ending amount of malls, churches, movie theaters, and schools. The malls are over the place in different locations but when I go into one of these malls, when I come out of a different door I am literally transported to another town or area, not the same town or place I was in when I entered the mall. The churches and schools seem to also do the same thing, I go in one door but with the churches and schools I never can find another exit door, I go deeper into these buildings eventually making my way to several sets of steps that go up and down and all over the place.

Or find myself going deeper underground into a system of mazes and tunnels and when I try to go back the way I came, something changes and I keep trying to find a new way out, or I do manage to find my way back to the door I entered through but when I leave I come right back to that building again! Lots of doorways! But all of these places are connected so if I keep navigating the tunnels underneath this one school building which oddly enough resembles a slightly different version of my high school I went to, I eventually find myself in another place from my previous dreams.

This seems to be some large mirror world that I am navigating as opposed to just dreams because who sits there and dreams of the same places, people, and things over and over again and finds out these places are all part of one giant city? That has got to be astral travel and according to one of my allies, it is.

There are also several other themes I noticed that repeat themselves which I’d rather not say but I thought that was interesting. After feeling like I had been venomized by the astral snake I can feel one of my allies sitting next to me and touching me, and then boom, instantaneous trigger of all of this dream recall. I think he wanted me to see something I was missing so I sat down and analyzed everything in my notes and came to a conclusion of what it all meant and last night, even more surprising I did not dream of these same places again.

I drempt of a brand new place I had never seen before with back to back libraries as if deciphering the code from my previous dreams finally triggered me to go to a new place in which I discovered some new pieces of the puzzle along with yet another mall but one that I had not yet drempt of in the past and while there I met this crowd of goth guys and started hanging out with them and they instantly took to me and I fit in with them. Whereas, all of my previous dreams were full of people I don’t much care for and never really got along with, plus some strangers I never met but didn’t feel comfortable around.

It was like this new unlocked area to my dream map finally took me some place where I fit in and felt a sense of belonging. There was other symbolism there which I cannot say but it all makes sense. I feel like I was being shown pieces to my ascension puzzle, what next steps I need to take, but shown them in a way that I would really find fascinating and take the time to analyze them and dreams are something I love messing around with.

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Total Recall! I know you said you remembered them one right after the other, but when I’ve experienced total recall, I actually remember everything at once. In order to examine any one dream, I can only process them one at time though. Like the dream cluster is one big ball of data, but in order to access that data properly, it has to be decoded or processed one part at a time.

Now that I think about it, perhaps it was just a matter of scale. Like how you can look at the whole planet at once, but you won’t see the minute details on the surface. You need to pick a spot and zoom in.

Does that sound like what you experienced?

We only have one of anything in our dreamscape, which are basically archetypes. One mall, one school, one river. Those core archetypes contain every instance of all the different versions you’re familiar with in the waking world. When you dream of your home, you may find it has aspects of different places you’ve called home over the years. Dreams of school can become a hybrid of elementary school and college, or even work (that other place you had to go every day that you hated)

Do not mistake those locations as static. Over the years, I’ve been watching how my hometown and the city I live in have been gradually merging together. My newer waking experiences are constantly creating new associations to my idea of “hometown”, but the old ones are still there too. So when I focus on the idea of “hometown”, it could manifest any mix of those associations.

Malls are actually useful nexus points for travel in dreams. Enter a dream mall in your current city, and you can exit in any other city you’re familiar with that has a mall. (If you focus on that location as you exit, otherwise, it’s going to be more or less random)

You can’t really may out these locations using a traditional map (believe me, I’ve tried). Instead use a series of association. The nexus points where those associations converge are cross roads. We lock our attention onto those nexus points, and attention flows down the it’s varied associations.

I have a photgraphic memory so I basically honed in on one location and started navigating these areas in my mind and remembering where they lead, as if flying thru the air, birds eye view type of thing but when I would remember where one road lead it would immediately trigger my memory of 5 other places connected to that same area so I’d travel the one road, see where it lead, then fly backwards in my mind to where I started from last and then from that same point make a different turn on the map so to speak.

And now that you mentioned it there where a lot of intersections where the roads and the train tracks crossed over into X or + shaped crossroads. Usually I can sometimes trigger my memory while in the dream and remember where the other doors in the malls normally lead to but other times they don’t always go the same place. Occasionally a pop-up tent type of thing will appear like a flea market or marketplace made of tents and buildings which could basically be like outdoor versions of malls.

But sitting here, as soon as I focused on the crossroads imagery it just triggered a whole other section of the map that still, all connects together but parts I had forgotten about until just now and still, same symbolism. Nothing but shops, bridges, rivers. It is strange indeed but I am getting that same acid trip feeling coming on like forcing all of those memories of my dreams just now has taken me back into an altered state of mind, the state of mind I was in last night when I got the first series of recall.

Is any of this affecting your waking periods, now it’s been a few days on?

I think “changes in dreams/dreamscapes” and changes in the quality of dreams is one of those common experiences, and happens for us in waves across our magickal “career” - I mean, it’s not a one-time-only phase.

It always seems to happen with me when I shift focus, or start working with a new type of energy, spirit, or whatever.

Curious to know where this is at, now it’s been a few days. :_

Yes, in some ways, the interpretations I drew from the symbology within my dreams, I took that as a sign to work on some things I was ignoring. Ever since I made myself aware of my biggest problems and have been actively thinking of ways to overcome them, my dreams are changing to reflect this and I am seeing new images and symbology that was not there before.

I used to think that along with some occasional astral travel, that dreams were just a series of random nonsense, like brain vomit where your worst fears, your desires, and creatures from horror movies all meshed together as your brain’s way of processing everything you have seen or learned and I was aware of some hidden symbology but when you sit down and really analyze everything in depth you will uncover repeating patterns that seem to keep repeating until you take heed to the messages and realize what you are being told.

Ever since doing that, it has uncovered some new places and stuff so it can’t be just random muck of the mind because that’s the first time I really sat down and forced myself, okay what does this all mean? and my dreams did change to reflect that.

Yes, I found that when I start analysing my dreams, they change - become more vvid and memorable, as well.

Forum member The Eye posted an exercise for dream recall, but he pulled it, and my download of the post also got lost somehow, iirc it was about recalling the day just before sleeping, to get your brain attauned to the idea of looking back and recalling details.

I tried something like it for a while and it worked, but then I got lazy - I’m normally really tired just before bed, so it kind of didn’t fit with that, but it seemed like something useful.

Sounds like you activated your ThoughtLight

Sounds like you’ve learned how to shift your awareness to a great spectrum of ThoughtLight utility. When I say “thoughtlight” is has no association to “light” otherwise but that thought itself can be illuminated within the inner visual perceiver. A person who has a higher range of receptivety, memory, and brightness of their thoughtlight achieves the effects you are describing. Instant thought which otherwise would have required a sequence. Any point of your life can be remembered instantly with expansive unfolding emotions creating living flavor. I’m impressed by your success. You truly must know the dynamics of freedom to have such success.

I have had experiences where I am stung or bitten and then tremendous scenes follow. I’ve met snake people too. Though, sometimes I meet this very special entity in my inner space who is like a centapeed. When I first got into black magic, I saw the centapeed coiled around a jar and then he jumped out having uncoiled himself from the jar and bit me. Then I had the wildest experiences for two years straight. I would not be able to recall all of them even if I did retain full dimensional awareness of thoughtlight because many of the experiences, I asked to forget.

Anyway, brilliant post. I really enjoy your childlike enthusiasm. It makes your threads feel fresh and new like something I’ve never read before even if what you are saying seems familiar like this. Thankyou for sharing.