Instant self healing

Okay so I want to try adding my blood to some of my magic works but I’m a cart pusher and I live in a area that’s hot and or humid most of the year so I don’t we’re gloves I would like to know if there are ways without the help from entities to increase my healing speed at least just alittle bit to prevent infection.

Maybe runes, symbols or incantations?

Visualization has been known to speed healing. Find an image that speaks to you of healing (an X-wing shooting apart a tumor; little workman repairing a broken bone, for example) and see it in your mind. If it’s something simple like blisters, just see them shrink in your mind almost immediately.

you can also direct chi to the area to aid in healing.

Or you could just wear gloves. It’s far more efficient and healthy to let your hands sweat than it is to have to resort to magick to help with something so easily preventable.