Instant mind control success!

So I was riding around with a buddy of mine the other night when he decided to stop at a gas station.He knows the clerk that works there so he stood outside talking to his friend while he took a smoke break.Now my friend is VERY winded.The type that’ll be like “Alright see you later…oh yeah blah blah blah” and go on for another 20 minutes about something he’s already told you about 100 times.It’s very annoying.

I was sitting in the car waiting on him to finish talking to this guy plus it was getting late and I had to be at work at 4:30am.My friend can be very self centered and doesnt think about others especially when it comes to jobs as he hasn’t ever held a job longer than a month and has always lived with his mom.

So there I am in the car stewing about needing to get home and him not giving a fuck.So I decided to try a little trick.

I began forming a psi ball that I visualized as being black.I closed my eyes and envisioned him walking to the car all the while pushing more energy into the psi ball between my hands.
I then opened my eyes and looked at the energy forming from my palms.(I can usually see energy leaving my hands and when I’m in a deep enough trance I’ll see it clear as day.usually comes out as a black mist)
I then gazed into the energy and pulled my vision back like you would when opening a sigil and envisioned the same.thing I had visualized with my eyes closed.
Once I felt the energy ball was.charged with intent I hurled it at my friend and visualized it wrapping around his head and sinking into his skull.

It wasn’t even a second later he abruptly stopped to conversation and walked towards the car and got in.

He had bought some cups of pudding and asked I I wanted one I said sure and then he said well we’ll have to atop by somewhere and grab some plastic spoons cause I forgot them at the station.I immediately visualized the energy ball wrapped around his head and in my mind said "Do not make anymore stops"
We were right next to a Wendy’s restaurant where he intended on getting the spoons but drove right past it and took me home and made no mention of needing to stop again.

I was pretty amazed at how easy this was.I plan on using it more often to see how far I can take it.

So what about you guys?
Ever used just pure energy to instantly manifest something?



" these aren’t the droids you’re looking for."

That’s pretty damn cool. Have you used that trick anymore?